UK News

What’s New in Bowltech UK Proshops?

06/11/2020 Dom 0

What’s New in Bowltech UK Proshops? Bowltech UK Limited are part of the Bowltech Group who are the largest independent distributors of bowling equipment in Europe. The retail brands/manufacturers we currently distribute for, include: Ebonite, […]

UK News

What’s available from Bowltech UK?

17/07/2018 Dom 0

The Bowltech UK Website has been updated with all the latest ball releases from Storm, Roto Grip, Ebonite, Hammer, Track, Columbia 300, Motiv and 900 Global. Many of these balls are available in the UK […]


New Release – Motiv Tag Cannon

05/06/2017 Dom 0

Tag Cannon – Make a Bold Statement The Tag™ Cannon makes a very bold statement on light oil conditions. It provides easy length on higher friction lane surfaces, a fast response at the back of […]

International News

Ryan Ciminelli Joins the MOTIV® PBA Tour Staff

02/06/2017 Dom 0

MOTIV Bowling is proud to announce the addition of PBA Champion, Ryan Ciminelli to the MOTIV Bowling PBA Tour Staff.  A seven time PBA National Tour champion and US Open Champion, Ryan is the winningest […]

International News

New Release – Motiv Tank Rampage

19/05/2017 Dom 0

Tank Rampage – Urethane for the modern game The Tank Rampage is a strong urethane ball engineered for the modern game. Featuring both a new cover stock and new core specifications, it will dominate on […]

International News

New Release – Motiv Freestyle Rush

15/04/2017 Dom 0

Freestyle Rush The pearl Freestyle Rush was given a differential boost and new shell to provide more shape down lane than the original Freestyle balls. Designed for light oil conditions, the Freestyle Rush gives bowlers […]

International News

New Release – Motiv United Revolt

23/03/2017 Dom 0

It’s time to start a United Revolt The United Revolt is the first pearl ever offered by MOTIV in the Revolt line and it delivers impressive performance on medium-heavy oil. Utilizing new Helix HFP Reactive […]

International News

New Release – Motiv Octane Carbon

23/03/2017 Dom 0

Octane Carbon – Firing On All Cylinders! The Worldwide Release Date for the Octane Carbon is 4/10/2017. Introducing the Octane Carbon! Featuring a totally new core and cover, the Octane line has been completely overhauled […]

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