IBF World Youth Championships

July 7 – 18, 2024

Fiesta Bowling Centre

Incheon, Korea

The 2024 IBF World Youth Championships returnsto Incheon, Korea after a 26 years break with 142 boys, 91 girls and 67 team officials from a total of 38 countries gathered for intense competition commencing from July 10 to 18 at Fiesta Bowling Center.


Photos thanks to Terrence Yaw

Women’s Singles

Squad 1 – Play got underway at 9am with the first womens squad and not long for our first perfect game from New Zealand’s Jessica Marginson. Leading after six games was Korea’s Boah Kim with 1298 followed by Malaysia’s Adania Mohd Redzwan tied with Singapore’s Adrianne Tay on 1269.

Squad 2 – Thursday morning saw the Womens squad 2 take to the lanes and despite some good efforts, nobody could dislodge the home nations Boah Kim from the top spot with just Japan’s Kiri Watanabe leading a charge into second place with 1275 and dropping Singapore’s Arianne Tay into third with 1269.
The top 16 landing on Chinese Taipei’s Jo-Yu Teng with 1195.

Womens Singles Matchplay

The womens singles matchplay ended with roll offs. Group A ending with three athletes on 15 points (Sweden,Peru,USA) and in Group B two ended with 12 points (Singapore,Japan). It would be heartbreak for Sweden and Japan as Nora Johansson and Kiri Watanabe lost but Joy for Peru, USA and Singapore who joined Finland in the finals.

Terence Yaw

Men’s Singles

Squad 1 – The first men’s squad began on Wednesday afternoon with Germany flying high with both players hitting 279 in game 1. The lead kept changing each game as Kuwait, Germany, Singapore, Australia and Iceland all challenged. At the end it was Kuwait’s Nasser Alkandari at the top with 1447 followed by Germany’s Max Larenz with 1420 and third going to Singapore’s Zi Jian Peter Khor with 1391.

Squad 2 – The chase was on in squad two of the singles for the men to catch the leader from Kuwait. Germany’s Paul Purps and Korean Jiho Shin coming close but Nasser Alkandari remained top with 1447 as German Purps slipped into second place with 1432 followed by team mate Max Lorenz on 1420. The Korean Shin into fourth with 1392 and the cut for the top 16 on 1299 and The Netherlands Nick Schokker.

Squad 3 – What an ending to the mens singles, 300 in the very last game from Sweden’s Carl Eklund put him in second place with a fine 1492. Not enough though to outscore the new leader Lukáš Jelínek from the Czech Republic with an awesome 1540. Third was the early leader from Kuwait, Nasser Alkandari with 1447.
The cut for the top 16 landing on Hasan Qasem with 1354.

Men’s Singles Matchplay

The boys Singles matchplay also ends with roll off

Group A
Korea’s Junghun Bae advances with 21 points and joined by Germany’s Paul Purps with 16 points.

Group B
New Zealand’s Ben Pettit advances with 18 points and tie between Sweden’s Carl Eklund tied with Japan’s Daiya Saito with 15 points and Eklund winning the roll off 246-212

Singles Semi Finals

Semi final time and Peru vs Singapore and Finland vs The USA in the girls semis. In the boys it was Germany vs New Zealand and Korea vs Sweden.

Singapore’s Arianne Tay was through in two defeating Yuzuriha Seragaki from Peru 2-0 as the other went to three games and Finland’s Stella Lokfors defeating USA’s Annalise O’Bryant 2-1. For the boys it was Germany’s Paul Purps through in two beating New Zealand’s Ben Pettit 2-0 as the other semi went to three and Carl Eklund from Sweden defeating Korea’s Junghun Bae 2-1.

Women’s Doubles

Friday saw the start of the doubles Competition and first up were the girls. Malaysia topped the field with 2041 as Colombia placed second with 2006 and Germany Third with 1956.

Doubles day 2 started with the girls squad 2 and a few teams were chasing the top spot. Singapore’s Arianne Tay and Colleen Pee going well early on with Malaysia’s Syazalee and Ramli pacing more than squad 1, Sweden also challenging the top three and Japan close by.

At the end it was Singapore leading with 2239 followed by Japan’s Riria Hamasaki and Kiri Watanabe in second with 2116 and Sweden’s Maja Engberg and Nora Johansson third with 2079.
The cut for the top 16 landing on Chinese Taipei with 1899.

Womens Doubles Matchplay

Doubles matchplay time and first up were the girls. In group A the home nation Korea (Yeyoung Kang and Daeun Lee) and Malaysia (Romzi/Redzwan) were perfect through two games as the USA (Katelyn Abigania and Annalise O’Bryant) and Sweden (Maja Engberg and Nora Johansson) were on maximum points after the first two games in group B.

As we hit the midway point, Korea and Malaysia were still topping group A as Sweden and Colombia headed group B.

At the end, Korea (21pts) and Singapore (Arianne Tay and Colleen Pee) (15pts) were through in group A and things got really interesting in group B as Sweden advanced with 18 points and a four way tie on 12 points for the USA, Colombia, Japan and Finland. USA winning the roll of 258, Finland 181, Japan 179 and Colombia 168.

Women’s Semi Finals

It was Doubles Semi Finals time in Incheon in the afternoon 🇰🇷
For the girls USA (Katelyn Abigania/ Annalise O’Bryant) defeated Korea (Yeyoung Kang/Daeun Lee) 2-0 as Sweden (Maja Engberg/Nora Johansson) won against Singapore (Arianne Tay/Colleen Pee) in a three game battle which saw Sweden roll 290 in game 2 and 247-227 in the last game.

Men’s Doubles

Play continued on Friday with the boys doubles squad 1 and Sweden’s Robin Noberg and Alex Joki riding high with 2317 followed by Finland’s Karo Hilokoski and Rami Mukkula in second place with 2228 and Korea’s Junghun Bae and Seongtak Kim third with 2222.

The boys were up next in Incheon and the home nation were cheering as Jiho Shin and Younghun Cho raced into the lead early on for Korea with Chinese Taipei then the USA chasing them. Sweden’s 2317 was looking achievable for Korea and the USA with three games to go. At the end the Sweden score of 2317 held with USA in second with 2283 and Germany coming through to take third with 2245 and Korea not far behind on 2232.
The cut for the top 16 landing on Puerto Rico with 2127 with a squad to go.

The final boys doubles squad on Saturday saw German pair Paul Purps and Max Lorenz pacing the top spot after five games with the Philippines and Slovakia going well but not near enough to the leaders but inside the cut. Excitement on the 16 line as Malaysia, Finland, Norway in with a shout.

Germany came close at the end but a 150 finish placed them third overall with 2255 behind Sweden with 2317 and USA with 2283. On the cut line it was the Czech Republic with 2162.

Men’s Doubles Matchplay

Sweden and the Czech Republic were early leaders in Group A in the boys doubles matchplay on Sunday as Germany and Slovakia took early leads in group B.

At the halfway point the Czech Republic’s Lucas Jelinek and Ondrej Trojek continued to head group A on a maximum 12 points with Sweden, Slovakia and Saudi Arabia in second on 9 points. In group B Germany’s Purps and Lorenz were still top on 12 points and USA’s Bockstie and Bohn now in second on 9 points are clear of the rest for now.

With a game to go we had some certainty in group B as Germany and the USA were clear on 15 points and could not be caught in the final game. The Czech Republic in group A were also secure with 18 points but all to play for between Sweden, Saudi Arabia and Slovakia on 12 points.

The last game had some drama as Sweden lost and Slovakia played Saudi Arabia so the winner of this match would advance. A roar going out for Slovakia at the end.

Men’s Doubles Finals

In the boys Semi finals, a three game thriller saw Czech Republic (Ondrej Trojek/Lukas Jelinek) lose to the USA’s Jacob Bockstie/Brandon Bohn) 1-2 in a close fought match as Germany (Paul Purps/Max Lorenz) raced to a 2-0 win against Slovakia’s (Martin Malcho/Simon Jaros) but game two went close at 238-234.

Womens Team

The home nation put in a strong performance in the 10 game baker block chased by the USA, Singapore, Sweden and Malaysia.

Korea held the top spot with 2095 with Malaysia in second on 2016, Sweden third with 2014 and Singapore 4th with 1979. Others through included the USA, Japan, Canada, Colombia, Finland, Norway, Australia, Czech Republic, Peru, Mexico and Puerto Rico

At the cutline we Chinese Taipei with 1785 and out went the Philippines by just six pins, also out were New Zealand, Macau and Kuwait.

Men’s Team

Squad 2 of the boys and a race to find the top 16 saw Australia fly into the lead then Malaysia as the home Nation Korea rolled a 300 in game two. Finland and Canada also going well.

By game five it was now Korea leading with Australia, Malaysia, Finland and Poland close by and all pacing more than Germany’s 2212.

With a couple of games to go things were hotting up on the cut line and Sweden (207) in 17th with Norway just inside with a 209 average and Hong Kong still in with a shout. Both fired big games to rush into the 16 and it was soon The Philippines sweating in 18th and a chance still.

A wild finish saw Australia catch Korea with 2257 to Korea’s 2236 with Poland up into third and early leaders Germany in fourth.

Excitement on the cut line as The Philippines rolled a final game 246 to qualify in 16th with 2110 and Sweden were out after a 171 and 2099 Hong Kong also dropping with a 168 into 18th.

Advancing with the top four were Finland, Malaysia, Canada, The Netherlands, Slovakia, Kuwait, Norway, the Czech Republic, USA, Japan and Guatemala with the Philippines.

Team Matchplay

Team Matchplay time and first up were the girls. Group A saw the USA and Czech Republic on maximum points after three games with Singapore on 6 points. In group B, Canada were perfect with 9 points with Malaysia, Japan and Norway all on 6 points with four games to go.

After seven games Singapore were through with 15 points in Group A but a four way tie for second would see The USA, Colombia, Korea and the Czech Republic in a roll off. Colombia through with 231 to USA’s 209, Czech Republic’s 179 and Korea’s 163.

In group B, Malaysia were safely through with 18 points but a two way roll off on 15 point in second for Canada and Norway. Norway winning the roll off 200-169.

The boys were up next in Incheon for the Team Matchplay and The Czech Republic lead the way in group A with 9 points after three with Germany, Finland, Australia and Slovakia tied on 6 points. In group B Korea were top with 9 points and Malaysia and Kuwait tied in second on 6 points.

Six games in the Czech Republic were secure on 15 points in Group A but after losing the first three games, a fightback from the USA and 278-250 win against Slovakia put them on 9 points with Germany, Finland, Australia and Slovakia. Group B had Korea flying with 15 points and Japan on 12 points.

At the end The Czechs were through with 18 points and a tie in second on 12 points for the USA and Germany. Group B more clear cut with Korea and Japan through on 15 points.

Team Semi Finals

Team semi final time on Tuesday afternoon saw The Czech Republic and USA advance in the boys and Malaysia and Singapore in the girls.

Mixed Team

Mixed team time in Incheon and in the first squad of the day Korea made the early running and rolled a perfect game with Malaysia, New Zealand and the Czech Republic close by.

After ten games it was The Czech Republic out on top with 2212 followed by Malaysia with 2165 and Korea third with 2151. New Zealand were fourth with Norway fifth and Sweden sixth. One more squad will now determine our top 16.

The second Mixed team squad took to the lanes in the afternoon and Finland and Czech Republic aiming high in the top 16.

At the end Czech Republic 2 jumped to second pace behind their team mates from the first squad and the Czechs leading the field into the Matchplay. Malaysia 1 in third and Finland 2 making it into fourth.

On the cut line it was USA 2 with 2024 and making to top 16 included Korea 1, New Zealand 1, Norway 1, Sweden 1, Korea 2, USA 1, Sweden 2, Germany 1, Malaysia 2, Philippines 2 and Finland 1.

Mixed Team Matchplay

Matchplay time and Group A saw Finland 2, USA 2, Malaysia 2, Germany 1 and the Czech Republic 1 on six points after three games and Group B had USA 1 and the Czech Republic 2 clear on 9 points.

At the close of play in Group A, The Czech Republic 1 were through with 15 points and joined by the USA2 on 12 points.

In Group B it was USA 1 on top with 15 points and a roll off on 12 points for Malaysia, Sweden and New Zealand.

Mixed Team Semi Finals

Sweden vs the Czech Republic and Korea vs Malaysia for a place in the Mixed team final and both matches would go to three games as the Czech republic took the first game 194-189 then Sweden made it level 215-200. Sweden taking the match 2-1 with a 230-169 win.
Korea lost the first game against Malaysia by just a pin 234-233 but were level after a 181-174 win. The home nation taking the last game 248-212.

Finals Day

Womens Singles final – Stella Lokfors (Finland vs Arianne Tay (Singapore)
Game 1 Lokfors 168 vs Tay 216
Game 2 Lokfors 156 Vs Tay 199
ARIANNE TAY (Singapore) Wins GOLD

Mens Singles final – Paul Purps (Germany) vs Carl Eklund (Sweden)
Game 1 Purps 212 vs Eklund 189
Game 2 Purps 236 vs Eklund 201
PAUL PURPS Germany wins GOLD

Mixed Team final – Korea vs Sweden
Game 1 Korea 248 vs Sweden 192
Game 2 Korea 201 vs Sweden 236
Game 3 Korea 267 vs Sweden 219
KOREA win Mixed Team GOLD

Womens Team final – Singapore vs Malaysia
Game 1 Singapore 211 vs Malaysia 221
Game 2 Singapore 190 vs Malaysia 236
MALAYSIA win Womens Team GOLD

Mens Team final – Czech Republic vs USA
Game 1 Czech Republic 234 vs USA 224
Game 2 Czech Republic 184 vs USA 224
Game 3 Czech Republic 204 vs USA 180
Czech Republic win Men’s team GOLD

Men’s Doubles final – USA (Bohn/Bockstie) vs Germany (Purps/Lorenz)
Game 1 USA 166 vs Germany 226
Game 2 USA 207 vs Germany 244
Germany win Men’s Doubles GOLD

Women’s Doubles final – USA (Abigania/O’Bryant) vs Sweden (Engberg/Johansson)
Game 1 USA 170 vs Sweden 172
Game 2 USA 217 vs Sweden 228
SWEDEN win Womens Doubles GOLD


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