How many medals have Great Britain and England won in World Youth Championships?

Thanks to the UK Tenpin Hall of Fame we can reveal another historical list in partnership with the British Tenpin Bowling Association.

1992 was the year Britain won their first World Junior medals as Great Britain’s Emma Barlow traveled to South America to win Gold in the World Youth Championships in the All Events also picking up Bronze in the Singles.

Fast forward to 2017 and we find Great Britain and England have won a total of

19  Medals, 7 Gold, 3 Silver , 9 bronze – 8th In World

World Championship Medals – Boys (1990 – current)

1996 Hong Kong

Silver Doubles – Paul Evans and Paul Delany


2008 Orlando, USA

Gold Singles – Dom Barrett

Gold All Events – Dom Barrett

Silver Doubles – Matt Hann and Dom Barrett

Bronze  Masters Dom Barrett


2010 Helsinki, Finland                

Gold Singles – Adam Cairns


2012 Bangkok, Thailand

Bronze Doubles – Chris Lam and Elliot Crosby


2014 Hong Kong

Bronze  Fours – Curtis Hooper, Matthew Clayton, Chris Lam, Elliot Crosby

8 Medals, 3 Gold, 2 Silver,3 Bronze – 7th in World 


World Championship Medals – Girls (1990 – current)

1992 Caracas, Venezuela          

Gold All Events – Emma Barlow

Bronze  Singles – Emma Barlow


2000 Santa Domingo, Dominican Rep  

Gold Doubles Lisa john and Zara Glover


2002 Pattaya, Thailand

Gold Doubles –  Donna Adams and Ann Smith

Gold Fours – Ann Smith, Donna Adams, Zara Glover, Lisa john

Bronze All Events – Donna Adams


2004 Agana, Guam

Bronze Fours – Laura Ivory, Holly Towersley, Jo Allsebrook, Jemma Smith


2010 Helsinki , Finland

Silver All Events – Hayley White

Bronze  Fours – Sarah Overall, Rachel Cox, Danni Hopcroft, Hayley White


2012 Bangkok, Thailand

Bronze Fours – Danni Hopcroft, Katriner Maciver, Bethaney Hedley Autumn Chamberlain


2016 Lincoln, USA

Bronze Doubles – Keira Reay and Emily Allen

11 Medals, 4 Gold, 1 Silver, 6 Bronze – 7th in World

Total Boys and Girls:

19  Medals, 7 Gold, 3 Silver , 9 bronze – 8th In World

List compiled by David Grainger – UK Tenpin Hall of Fame Chairman