Ava Richardson and Aiden Wright are King and Queen for July

3rd King of the hill of the season. This year’s theme is Navigation patterns. We’ve never had a 300 in these tournaments in the 3 years I’ve been running them… I wanted that to change so I stuck down what should have been the easiest pattern yet – Wall Street V2. But the thing with these high ratio patterns is that they don’t always score as high as you expect them to.

The step up from the dry to the oil is so steep… it sometimes mean that if you pull it, it will slide on through and then if you waz it out there you’re probably going to hit the pocket but will it have the drive to knock em all down ?

A struggle for entries this time round as the tournament was also competing for entries against a tournament at the Airport, the Senior England Trials, and Junior tournament …

The top 3 scores Scratch were
Aiden Wright – 1275 a 213 average
Reece Parker – 1271 a 212 average
Big Mac MacPherson 1260 a 210 average

We had £10 high game pot for each of the high game
Game 1 – Basher and Dean Rowland 226
Game 2 – Tom Langley 244
Game 3 – Aiden Wright 234
Game 4 – Aiden Wright 235
Game 5 – Reece Parker 248
Game 6 – Josh Bland 238

The top 3 in handicap section were
Ava Richardson – 1407
Taylor Bonfield – 1350
Kane Bennett – 1323

Before we got into the finals we had the fun pot games… ‘Basher on the 1 and 2s’ … a bowler Randomly drawn (using google random number generator) – they would have 1 ball to take the 10 pin clean out… which wins you a £10 – but then you can “GAMBLE” and try for the 7 pin clean out to win a total of £80 – several people got drawn out. The one’s who got close was the Basher who took the 7 pin clean but guttered going for the 10pin and Reece Parker who also took the 7pin clean but failed on the 10 pin. So the next tournament I’m going to give £100 to anyone who completes the 1 and 2s challenge !!

Then we played “Basher plays his cards Wrong”… basic idea, and it is pretty basic… I have some BIG cards numbered 1 through to 10, bowler gets picked out and picks a card they have to then knock down the same number of pins with one ball to the number on the card. However there are a couple of JOKERS in the pack – they pick a joker out I get to decide what they do… so it could be leave a 5 pin, or leave any split – they do it they win £40
We finally had some winners – Connor Wills he picked out the 10 card, meaning he needed a strike and blow me down with a feather he only done it ! – £20 to Connor. Big Mac pulled a 9 ! of course he left the 10pin for a 9 count and £20 !

Step ladder finals
Into Match 1

Kane Bennet 50 vs Little Taylor 10 …. A close game as Kane reeled Taylor in. Taylor started strongly and Kane didn’t, but he got going and had a turkey but Taylor playing in her first head to head match held her never to win 220-231

Reece the power parker vs Big Mac and he’s special sauce. A game that went down to the wire. A 5-7 leave in the 10th frame from Reece – he should have taken 1 of them… but he went for the hero shot and missed both of them. This allowed Big Mac to hit a 9 count to win by 1 233-234

Title Matches

Battle between friends ! two of the Dunstable dragons – Taylor vs 11 year old Ava Richardson. Ava earlier in the day had hit her highest ever score of 233. We had to wait for frame 4 for either of them to score a mark. Ava was throwing some lovely shots but leaving singles and missing them ! Grandad Dougie had steam coming out of his ears ! 9th frame, Ava left a split and Taylor got herself back into the match with a 7 spare. But come the 10th frame Ava struck out for 212 and Taylor only managed a 198.

Final – Aiden Wright vs Big Mac. Big Mac came out striking and Aiden came out… it was about time. We all suspected he’s true sexuality. In came down the 10th. Aiden striking out and Big Mac missing a 10 pin for Aiden to win 221-200

The next event is July 18th – like the facebook group for these tournaments – https://www.facebook.com/groups/1123770395141402 and get all the tournament news first.

Entry form is here https://form.jotform.com/231242549866362

Thanks to all the bowlers
To Alison Taylor
To Laura Fourtits for stuff
To Andy Penny for ensuring the pattern was all loaded into the machine
The Techs at Gobowling who worked really hard to get the approaches and players area in some sort of fit state after the football the night before.
And of course to our brilliant sponsors.. whose support allows us to have some fun, and offer a decent prize fund.

Sponsors were
SD Carpentry Ltd – https://www.facebook.com/sdcarpentryltd
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We also streamed the event and you can find the video on my twitch channel https://www.twitch.tv/basherback2back