All hail the new 2019 King and Queen of the Hill Josh Davis and Tori Pickles

Go Bowling at Shipley played host to the 2019 KOTH. 43 entrants arrived to try and capture this year’s titles, which considering the amount of tournament clashes on the day was a great result.

Last year’s winners also arrived to defend there titles, Terrie-Anne Faulconbridge for the females and Liam Fitzpatrick for the men.
Two squads were held this year one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Steven Kay started things off with what would be the biggest scratch game of the day (268) and remained qualification leader throughout the day. He also claimed the scratch pot of £125 with 1401.
After qualifying the cut for the top 10 positions stood with Dave Coopland at 1276 (hdc). Last year’s Queen Terrie-Anne only just missing out by 3 pins.


A huge 21 players entered this year’s desperado round allowing us to boost the prize fund significantly.
The 2 spots available were claimed by Tori Pickles (265 hdc) and Josh Davis (260 hdc).

Scramble Round

The 12 remaining players were now split into 2 groups to play a low man drop style round.
First to fall was last year’s title holder Liam Fitzpatrick followed by 10th place qualifier Dave Coopland. Next to go was Nev Robinson followed by Jordan Nutt and Lee Metcalfe.

Finishing in 5th place would be our highest finishing female and new Queen of the Hill Tori Pickles.

Final cuts saw Jack Smith, qualifying leader Steven Kay, Callum Simons, and Kyle Davis fall from the pack leaving our 2 finalists.

Rich Annable and Josh Davis would go head to head for the 2019 KOTH final, both players seemed to grind out the game with Josh eventually seeing some fortunate pin fall to take the title.

Well done to all the competitors and winners we hope you all enjoyed the day.

Big thank you to Shipley Bowl and all its great staff especially Lee Metcalfe for looking after us and the bowlers.

Live streams of qualifiers, Desperado round, scramble round and final can be seen on our facebook page. Footage includes a 7-10 conversion courtesy of Callum Simons in the scramble round (1hr 13 mins in, Scramble round) and an unfortunate person falling down the lane.

Once again thank you to all our entrants we look forward to seeing you all and more next year.

Nathan Glave, Rob Harding


Scrambler, Final round sheet

King of the hill 2019 scores V2