International News

Bowling On a String by Paul Lane

07/01/2021 Dom 0

In recent years string pinsetters for tenpin bowling have been featured in editorial stories and advertising pages in the bowling industry trade and consumer publications. Not surprisingly,string pinsetters have gotten a mixed response from bowlers […]

UK News

BTBA Statement – String Centres

29/06/2018 Dom 0

Following several new announcements regarding the installation of String machines in traditional free fall bowling centres, the BTBA would like to make the following statement. The BTBA have been considering its position on how to […]


String Theory – Creation or Evolution?

13/04/2017 Dom 0

Imagine this. Customers really like the idea of lower maintenance and cheaper running costs when selecting new capital equipment for their new bowling centre. It gets to a point where the string machines are out […]


Future Bowling – String Bowling

23/10/2016 talktenpin 0

As a race, innovation drives us. Striving for something better has defined the human race for centuries. Sport is no different as each generation pushes the boundaries ever wider and technology plays a big part […]