Championship News

Senior Triple Crown 2023

17/05/2023 Dom 0

The 2023 Senior Triple Crown is being hosted by Wales and held at Bromborough bowl for the 18th-21st May. Reports and Results will be posted here during the event Ladies Singles The ladies were first […]

UK News

2022 Adult Triple Crown

12/09/2022 Dom 0

Bromborough Bowl, September 8th to 11th 2022 This Adult Triple Crown will consist of a total of 15 games per player, comprising as follows, 6 games singles, 3 games doubles, 3 games trios, 3 games […]

Junior & Youth News

RESULTS: 2018 Bromborough Singles

13/04/2018 Stuart Watson 0

The 2018 Bromborough Singles took place between March 31st and April 2nd 2018 at Bromborough Bowl, Liverpool. 26 girls and 39 boys would bowl 8 games in qualifying, with the top eight girls and top […]

UK News

2017 Adult Triple Crown

23/09/2017 Dom 0

The 2017 Adult Triple crown held at Bromborough Bowl. Home nation teams participating – England, Jersey, Ireland, Scotland, Wales The very first Triple Crown was held at Briggs Bowl, Glasgow in 1967 making 2017 the […]