The Navigators and Europe shocked to see Galactica Entertainment Centre close

2020 is a year many will remember for many covid reasons including the closing of many historical bowling alleys Worldwide and sadly we have another one to be reminded of as news reaches us of the closing of the Galactica Bowling Centre in Limassol, Cyprus.

The news was broken by the Theodorou family owners of one of Europe’s best bowling centres.


Release in full

January 1987-December 2020

No one would believe that after 34 years the Theodorou family would make the big decision to suspend the operation of the Galactica multiplex, a multiplex that raised generations and generations, created beautiful and unforgettable memories in Limassol and more.

In its early years of operation, Galactica was a traditional Luna Park with its planes, ghosts, bumps, big wheel, video games and more.

After the major renovation in June 2007, it transformed into a 10000 metre entertainment multipurpose venue, with 24 professional bowling lanes that made it the largest bowling centre in the Mediterranean,including the Luna Park, birthday halls and cafés.

This all lead to lead the first world Singles bowling tournament plus

the Special Olympics bowling, the Christmas village, our little friends’ parties, the various events per season, pastry lessons for our little chefs, summer workshops. These are just some of the events that the Galactica family organized with great love, professionalism, and dedication.

Many of you will wonder why we made this big decision. Unfortunately, the global pandemic could not leave the operation of our multipurpose venue unaffected, so the future of our business is uncertain.

During this time, not knowing when we would reopen, we accepted a proposal for renting our building.

From seeing dreams and 34-year-olds erase and a building that once poured out of life, children’s voices, turning into a mute ghost, we made the big decision that this would be the most ′′ painless ′′ solution.

At this point our family would like to say a huge thank you to our beloved staff, partners, Bowling Limassol and Famagusta District links, but most of all to all of you for your timeless support and love.

The Galactica building rental does not affect the operation of La Galerie by Galactica Patisserie, Danceland Studio and Ligero Cigar Shop. The above businesses continue to operate normally in the exact same space.

We hope that 2021 will be much better than the past year and may we be the last business that is affected and terminated due to the Korona.

Thank you, thank you

Theodorou family


Talktenpin visited this venue many times for events including the World Singles and Navigators Cup and we were blown away by the place and people especially what the Theodorou family had achieved. Two floors of bowling, an onsite patisserie and even a fun park with a rollercoaster and dodgems. This place had it all and looked stunning.

The food was exceptional and far removed from your usual bowling centre food and long before the  Boutique bowls and UK chains started to follow. You could not leave though without trying the sweets and cakes which deserved to win awards for their design and taste. An added joy in Galactica was the lift to each floor when transporting your multiple bowling bags.

As the shock goes around Europe at the loss of this much loved Brunswick equipped centre, it is the local and national Cypriot bowlers feeling the most pain. Many taking to social media to speak of their sadness and memories of the centre.

While it is true the venue was not always a bowling centre, when the lanes arrived in 2007, it became probably the most important hub in the country for tenpin bowling but moreso a place where many families hung out, had parties and made great memories.

This was also the home venue for the famous Navigators bowling team who formed when the centre opened and won the Limassol league almost every year since its inception and also the venue of many Cypriot Cup triumphs for the team.

The Navigators founder Loucas Evripidou was heartbroken in telling us

“Galactica holds so many fond memories for us, so many wins in a friendly and competitive environment. It was our home but more important it was the place we were able to start the Navigators Junior Training Academy program to grow the sport in our country and making a big difference. We also hosted the Navigators Cup with top teams from all over Europe joining us for an amazing team tournament that celebrated our ethos of teamplay and friendship.”

“We all wish the Theodorou family our best wishes for the future and thank them for all they did for the people of Limassol and the entire island of bowlers. The centre and the family’s involvement with bowling will be greatly missed by all on our island and we hope the lanes and machines will return in a new venue in the future so we can continue to train the future of our sport.”

Having spent time with the Navigators, Loucas and the Theodorou family, we know the real sadness that comes from this end of an era. It is a familiar story across the World that when a bowling alley closes then with it goes a rich history but people are left with great memories.

The Navigators will be back of course as will bowling in the many other Cypriot bowling venues when safe and permitted to reopen.

Loucas ending for us with “We send out best wishes to all bowlers Worldwide during these covid times, stay safe friends and we will meet again in Cyprus or beyond soon.”