KING & QUEEN OF THE NORTH 30th September 2018

BIG NEWS: The North, has appointed a new King and Queen (of tenpin bowling).

Today Go Bowling hosted a handicap singles event that ran very smoothly with 37 entries in it. The idea behind this event was that we ran 2 separate events, The King of the North & Queen of the North, unfortunately due to other tournament clashes etc the entries were a little bit lower but we still managed 27 potential Kings and 10 potential Queens.

I would like to say a huge thank you to all of our sponsors, RESDEV, DAVID GRAINGER, EDDIE ROWE, SHIPLEY BOWLERS CLUB AND SHIPLEY TENPIN BOWLING LIMITED. With these sponsors we were able to put an extra £550.00+ and boost the prize money and give out some side prizes. We managed to pay out £1470.00 in prizes (please see the payout list).

The tournament committee decided to put down the Weber Cup challenge pattern Long Sword. This is a 45 foot pattern laid down by our Kegel Flex, it holds up well on our Xima lane surface but keeps the competitors on their toes by making them chase the transition.

We held 2 mixed squads and played a 6 game qualifying round. After qualifying, the top 12 men played a 3 game semi final. This was bowled at singles pace due to the committee cancelling the ladies semi finals due to the number of ladies entries. The final consisted of the top 6 men and top 6 ladies. We ran 2 round robins on lanes 1 to 6 to find the potential King, and lanes 7 to 12 to find the potential Queen.
Thank you to all the competitors who bowled today you were all amazing especially to the few of you who have either never bowled a tournament like this, or not bowled in a tournament for years. I would also like to thank Dave Grainger for helping me run the event, and to Eddie Rowe for helping to collect scores etc.

Please see results below and all hail the 2018 King, Jacob Villegas, one of our very own Shipley YBC juniors and the 2018 Queen, the returning to lanes legend Katie Jowsey.

Yours in Bowling

Lee Metcalfe
Shipley Bowlers Club Secretary




semi finals

Men’s qualifying

king qualifying

Women’s Qualifying

queen qualifying