How many medals have Great Britain and England won in European Youth Championships?

Thanks to the UK Tenpin Hall of Fame we can reveal another historical list in partnership with the British Tenpin Bowling Association.

1972 was the year Britain won their first European medals as Great Britains boys won a memorable Gold in London. The best result though came in 2002 in Rome Italy with a massive TEN medals.

Fast forward to 2017 and we find Great Britain and England have won a total of

102  Medals, 32 Gold, 32 Silver , 38 bronze – 2nd In Europe

European Championship Medals – Mixed (1972 -76)

1972 London, England. Gold Trios – Paul Scottow, N Thompson and D Field

1974  Scheveningen, Holland Gold Team(5) – C  McCarthy, K Dixon, M Wells, K Johnson, Sid Symonds, B  Chouhan. Gold Masters – Chas McCarthy

3 Medals, 3 Gold, 0 Silver, 0 Bronze – Mixed 3rd in Europe


European Championship Medals – Boys (1978 – current)

1982 Stuttgart, Germany.

Bronze  Team(5) – Simon M Brown, Mark Presley, John Chambers, Simon D Brown, Keith Jeffreys, Gerald Gibbons


1988 San Marino.

Silver Team(5) – Alan Toogood, Colin Toogood, W Beedle, P Matthews, M Scott, J Buller.

Bronze Doubles – Alan Toogood and Colin Toogood


1990 Munich, Germany

Bronze Doubles – Jai Buller and Mark Johnson.

Bronze  Trios – Jai Buller, Mark Johnson, Alan Toogood


1994 Helsinki, Finland

Silver Doubles – Paul Carter and Paul Delany.

Silver Team(5) Harry Langham, Mark Hutton, Michael Hearn, Paul Carter, Paul Delany, David Tovey.

Bronze  Masters – Paul Delany


1996 London, England.

Gold Doubles – Chris Johnson and Andrew Giles.

Gold Team(5) – Chris Johnson, James Shaffer, Jon Zadel, Craig Warden, Andrew Giles, David Cooper


1998 Vienna, Austria

Bronze Doubles – Jon Zadel and Andy Wicks


2000 Hoopdorf, Holland.

Silver Trios – Matthew Hamilton, Leon Devlin and Matt Giles.

Bronze Doubles – Mathew Hamilton and Matt Giles


2002 Rome, Italy.

Gold Doubles – Stephen Letchford and Ian Allison


2004 Augsberg, Germany

Gold Doubles – Sean Croke and Gareth Stone


2005 Antwerp, Holland.

Silver Trios – David Jones, David Kendall and Joe Preddy


2006 Copenhagen, Denmark.

Bronze Masters – David Jones


2007 Thessaloniki, Greece.

Bronze Trios – Matt Miller, Andrew Jones and Matt Chamberlain


2009 Malmo, Sweden.

Gold Doubles – Matthew Blythe and Steven Miller


2010 St Maxim, France.

Bronze Fours – Jake Daggett, Michael Nock, Matt Fidgett, Matthew Blythe


2011 Munich, Germany.

Bronze Masters – Michael Nock.

Bronze Masters – Chris Lam.

Bronze Singles – Elliot Crosby.

Bronze Doubles – Elliot Crosby and Michael Nock


2013 Vienna, Austria.

Gold Singles – Hadley Morgan.

Gold Doubles – Curtis Hooper and Hadley Morgan.

Bronze All events – Hadley Morgan


2015 Leipzig, Germany.

Bronze Fours – Brandon Roberts, James McMinn, Samuel Martin,Jamie Elliot

28 Medals, 7 Gold, 5 Silver, 16 Bronze – Boys 6th in Europe


European Championship Medals – Girls (1978 – current)

1978 Aalborg, Denmark               

Bronze  Doubles – J Quinnan and K Redwood


1990 Munich, Germany

Silver Masters – Alison Freeman


1992 Brussels, Belgium  

Gold Trios – Joanne Harries, Sally Warburton, Susan Campbell

Silver Team(5) – Joanne Harries, Gemma Burden, Mel Isaac, Sally Warburton, Susan Campbell, Fiona Hutchinson


1994  Helsinki, Finland

Gold Doubles – Joanne Harries and Gemma Burden

Gold Team(5) – Joanne Harries, Nicki Harvey, Claire Warburton, Mel Isaac, Gemma Burden, Zoe Mansfield

Silver Masters – Nicki Harvey

Bronze Doubles Claire Warburton and Mel Isaac

Bronze  Trios – Claire Warburton, Nicola Harvey, Zoe Mansfield


1996  London, England              

Gold Masters – Gemma Burden

Gold Trios – Lisa Ayes, Emily Johnson, Gemma Burden

Silver  Team(5) – Lisa Ayes, Ann Smith, Rebecca Churcher, Emily Johnson, Gemma Burden, Lois Bonfield

Bronze Doubles – Emily Johnson and Gemma Burden


1998 Vienna, Austria

Silver Masters – Rebecca Churcher

Silver Team(5) – Ann Smith, Rachel Aldersley, Rebecca Churcher, Zara Glover, Lisa John, Emma Peden

Bronze Doubles – Ann Smith and Lisa John


2000 Hoofdorp, Holland            

Gold Team(5) – Donna Adams, Jemma Smith, Fiona Banks, Emma Tooze, Zara Glover, Vicky Hawes

Bronze Masters – Zara Glover


2002 Rome, Italy                

Gold All Events – Holly Towersey

Gold Masters – Holly Towersey

Gold Trios – Fiona Banks, Laura Ivory, Jemma Smith

Gold Team(5) – Fiona Banks, Laura Ivory, Holly Towersey, Emma Tooze, Jemma Smith,Hayley Beavis

Silver All Events – Laura Ivory

Silver -Masters Jemma Smith

Silver Doubles – Holly Towersey and Hayley Beavis

Bronze All Events -Fiona Banks

Bronze Masters -Laura Ivory


2004 Augsburg, Germany           

Gold Trios – Becki Jolly, Jennifer Billingham, Stephanie Cairns

Silver Trios -Hayley White, Kayleigh Hewitt, Holly Towersey

Silver Team(5) – Hayley White, Kayleigh Hewitt, Holly Towersey, Becki Jolly, Jennifer Billingham, Stephanie Cairns

Bronze  All Events – Becki Jolly

Bronze  Masters Jenny Billingham


2005 Antwerp, Holland              

Gold Trios – Jenny Billingham, Haley White, Becki Jolly

Silver All Events – Becki Jolly

Silver Team(5) – Jennifer Billingham, Faye Elkington, Emily Frost, Becki Jolly, Sarah Overall, Hayley White

Bronze Masters – Becki Jolly

Bronze Trios – Emily Frost, Sarah Overall, Faye Elkington


2006 Copenhagen, Denmark

Gold Doubles – Hayley White and Sarah Overall

Silver All Events – Hayley White


2007 Thessaloniki,Greece 

Gold Doubles – Hayley White and Sarah Overall

Silver All Events – Hayley White


2008 Helsinki, Finland 

Silver Team(5) – Laura Ellis, Dani Hopcroft, Katrina Maciver, Chesie Johnstone, Kirsty Belchem, Kimberley Hewitt


2009 Malmo, Sweden               

Bronze  Masters – Laura Ellis

Bronze  Team(4) – Danni Hopcroft, Katriner Maciver, Laura Ellis, Nikki Beard


2010 St Maxim, France            

Silver Singles – Kirsten Macgregor

Silver Doubles – Autumn Chamberlain and Kirsten Macgregor

Silver Team(4) – Autumn Chamberlain,  Anneline Vokes, Rebekah Hamlett, Kirsten Macgregor


2011 Munich, Germany

Gold – Masters Autumn Chamberlain

Gold – Doubles Hannah Frost and Bethany Hedley

Silver Team(4) – Hannah Frost, Bethany Hedley, Autumn Chamberlain, Danielle Gates

Bronze All Events – Bethany Hedley


2012 Aalborg, Denmark 

Gold Singles – Verity Crawley,

Gold Doubles Hannah Frost and Bethany Hedley

Bronze All Events Verity Crawley

Bronze Team(4) Hannah Frost, Bethany Hedley, Verity Crawley, Elenor Thurston


2013 Vienna, Austria  

Gold All Events Keira Reay

Gold Singles – Keira Reay

Silver All Events – Hannah Frost

Silver Singles – Hannah Frost

Silver Team(4) -Keira Reay, Rebecka Daly, Francheska Pewlis, Hannah Frost

Bronze Doubles – Hannah Frost and Keira Reay


2014 Augsburg, Germany              

Gold All Events – Keira Reay

Silver Masters – Keira Reay

Silver Doubles Kiera Reay and Emily Allen

Silver Team(4) – Keira Reay, Rebecka Daly, Emily Allen, Francheska Pewlis

Bronze  Singles – Keira Reay


2016 Reykjavik, Iceland

Silver Doubles – Katie Tagg and Mia Bewley

Bronze Masters – Katie Tagg

Bronze All Events – Katie Tagg

Bronze  Team(4) – Katie Tagg, Mia Bewley, Lorna Scott, Sophie Thompson


2017 Helsinki, Finland                

Gold Team(4) – Lorna Scott, Isabel Allen, Natasja Alles, Mia Bewley

Bronze  Singles – Lorna Scott

71 Medals, 22 Gold, 27 Silver, 22 Bronze – Girls 2nd in Europe


Total Boys and Girls:

102  Medals, 32 Gold, 32 Silver , 38 bronze – 2nd In Europe

List compiled by David Grainger – UK Tenpin Hall of Fame Chairman