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What’s on the shelf from Brunswick

02/10/2017 Dom 0

Whatever you skill level or tastes, Brunswick have a ball for you.. Quantum Classic Black The new Quantum Classic Black has been designed with 3.5 times more coverstock increasing durability and performance longevity with an […]

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Your free idea for the day – Game Bowling

31/07/2017 Dom 0

Both Brunswick and QubicaAMF have new scoring systems that provide traditional scoring as always but now present bowling in a different way though games. Some of you may have tried Match the monster on QMF’s […]

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New Release – Brunswick Vintage Inferno

15/06/2017 Dom 0

This year’s addition to our Vintage series is the Inferno. The Vintage Inferno combines the Inferno Low RG core with our re-engineered Activator 2.0 coverstock to provide the same “Inferno” look and ball motion on […]

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Brunswick New Release – The Quantum Classic Black

13/06/2017 Dom 0

Brunswick New Release – The Quantum Classic Black features 3.5 times more coverstock for improved durability, performance longevity, and incredible hitting power. The combination of our Relativity Flip solid reactive coverstock with our high-density, Quantum […]

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Bowling Oldies – Brunswick promotional film (1948)

24/05/2017 Dom 0

In 1946, American Machine and Foundry (AMF) introduced the world’s first automatic pinspotter. Two years later, AMF’s main competitor, the Brunswick-Balke-Collendar Company, had still not yet been able to mass-produce their version of the automatic […]

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