European Women Bowling Championships 2024

June 5-16th 2024 in Wittelshiem, France

The European Women Bowling Championships 2024 will be held in the Cristal Bowling in Wittelsheim, France from 5th June until 16th of June 2024.

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The singles got underway on Friday with the first of three blocks and two for the day. Sweden’s Nora Johansson with a steady start on 215 then fired 268 and 279 for 762 over the first three and miles in fron of second placed Maria Bak Gerding from Denmark with 646. Further games of 217, 279 and 236 for a massive 1494. Some way back was Germany’s Nadine Meier with 1268 followed by Stephanie Dubourg from France with 1266 and Bulgaria’s Mariana Meteksinova with 1231.

Squad two on Friday saw Germany on top with 1388 in the block and Franziska Czech posting 1388. Second was Slovenia’s Eva Krafogel with 1354 followed by Sweden’s Josefin Hermansson with 1331 and Solene Goron from France in fourth with 1295.

Squad three on Saturday would help us find our top four and making the running were Denmark’s Mika Glud Guldbæk, Finland’s Peppi Konsteri and the Swedish pair of Jenny Wegner and Anna Andersson.

At the end though all missed out and it was Nora Johansson (Swe), Franziska Czech (GER), Eva Krafogel (SLO) and Jesefin Hermansson (SWE) all going though to the finals.

Singles Finals

Germany vs Slovenia and Sweden vs Sweden were our semi final matches and through went Germany and Sweden as Germany’s Franziska Czech defeated Slovenia’s Eva Krafogel 222-176 and a steller Swedish match saw Nora Johansson beat team mate Josefin Hermansson 243-231.

History was made and the first two handed player to win the Gold at an EWC, Nora Johansson with 232 and Franziska Czech with 210 and Silver.


Doubles day 1 started at 10am with Sweden’s Nora Johansson starting where she left off and opening with 253 and 268. 1329 for the block with Josefin Hermansson adding 1291 for 2620 and top place. Second were Denmark 1 with 2537, France 1 in third with 2523 and England 1 in fourth with 2449.

The second squad of the day saw Finland’s Hiltunen and Heino topping the block with 2555 as the Czech Republic placed second with 2518. Third was France with 2489 and fourth going to Germany with 2478. So with two blocks done it was Sweden top, Finland second, Denmark third and France fourth with a squad to go on Monday.

Squad three on Monday saw Germany  topping the block with 2633 followed by Netherlands on 2553, Finland on 2535 and France in fourth with 2481.  WIth all squad done it was Germany’s Laub and Czech top with 2633, Sweden’s Hermansson and Johansson with 2620, Finland’s Heino and Hiltunen with 2555 and The Netherlands Blankenzee and Kriele with 2553 going through to the finals.

Doubles Finals

Germany vs The Netherlands and Sweden vs Finland for a place in the final and through went Sweden beating Finland 533-384, 266 from Johansson and 267 from Hermansson. Joining them in the final were Germany who took out the Dutch 554-395 and a massive 278 from Czech and 276 from Laub.

The big scores kept coming and Germany took the Gold with a 498-427 win over Sweden. Sabrina Laub with 230 and Franziska Czech 268. Sweden taking the Silver as Josefin Hermansson rolled 224 and Nora Johansson adding 203.


Two squads of three games on Tueday and same on Wednesday would find our four trios teams to go though to the finals and staking an early claim in squad 1 were Germany with 1937 and 740 high from Franziska Czech. Second were Finland with 1933 followed by Denmark with 1900 and Sweden in fourth with 1889.

Squad 2 of the Trios on Tuesday had Sweden out on top with 1967 thanks in part to a fine 762 from Nora Johansson. Second was Finland with 1884, Denmark in third with 1876 and The Netherlands in fourth with 1838.

Two squads on Wednesday to complete the trios and after a lot of striking it was Sweden ” on top with 4052 and high from Nora Johansson with 1436. Second were Finland 1 with 3912 and a 1431 from Ani Juntunen. Third went to Germany 1 with 3881 and the fourth spot going to Finland 2 with 3877.

Trios Finals

Finland vs Sweden and Finland vs Germany in two exciting semi finals and at least one finnish team went through after two chances to advance. FInland 2 beating Sweden 2 by just five pins 665-660. Germany stopped an all Finland final by winning another close match 605-590.

In another classic final it was Germany that would take the Gold beating Finland.


The all important team event started on Thursday with games 1-3 and Sweden off to a flying start with 1147 but Finland close by on 1131. Germany, Israel, Denmark and England all close by in the first two games. At the end it was Sweden top with 3177, Finland second with 3169, Denmark third with 3154 and England fourth with 3135.


Results can also be found on the official website here

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