June King of the Hill

Second king of the hill of the season. This year’s theme is Navigation patterns. And after the relatively easy Route 66v2 pattern I chose a tougher pattern for this one – Sunset Strip. Sunset Strip is a 2 mile strip of road in Hollywood. It’s famous for its cool and hip places, it’s bars, café’s and Nightclubs and it’s right in the heart of the movie distract… well the only movies they’re likely to film in Dunstable are horrors… and there were plenty horror performances out of the lanes.

A full squad of 28 bowlers…

The top 3 scores Scratch were
Tom Langley – 1271 a 212 average
Aiden HIV Wright – 1260 a 210 average
Gary Robertson – 1247 a 208 average

We had £10 high game pot for each of the high game
Game 1 – Gary Robertson 243
Game 2 – Steve Ferguson 253
Game 3 – Alex Pace 241
Game 4 – Tom Langley 263
Game 5 – Tom Chuter 254
Game 6 – Craig Barrat 262

The top 3 in handicap section were
Connor Wills – 1249
Alex Pace – 1245
Brandon Antoniou – 1220

Before we got into the finals we had the fun pot games… ‘Basher on the 1 and 2s’ … a bowler Randomly drawn (using google random number generator) – they would have 1 ball to take the 10 pin clean out… which wins you a £15 – but then you can “GAMBLE” and try for the 7 pin clean out to win a total of £60 – several people got drawn out. Julian Wojciech got drawn out first, stepped up and took the 10pin clean … now would he take the £15 or would he GAMBLE…. He wussed out and took the 15 quid !!!

Then we played “Basher plays his cards Wrong”… basic idea, and it is pretty basic… I have some BIG cards numbered 1 through to 10, bowler gets picked out and picks a card they have to then knock down the same number of pins with one ball to the number on the card. However there are a couple of JOKERS in the pack – they pick a joker out I get to decide what they do… so it could be leave a 5 pin, or leave any split – they do it they win £40
We had Steve Ferguson needing a 8 count – failed. Richard Tack had the tricky task of hitting a 4 count – failed. Ray Lay pulled out a 10 so needed a strike – FAILED. Then Philip Lay picked out a Joker – and I challenged him for £40 to leave the 7-10 ! – he attacked it right… throwing it straight at the headpin – but he STRUCK !

Step ladder finals
Into Match 1

Little Brandon vs Alex the Ace Pace – Brandon had a rocky start, but clawed his way back into it with a few spares later on. But Alex had the comeback covered and progressed to the final with a 207-186 victory

Gary Robertson vs Aiden Wright – Aiden struck frame 1, and Gary left a pocket 5-7. Which isn’t the strongest start to be honest. Gary was all ready asking for the 3rd place prize money. But he worked his way back into the match and striking out the 10th gave him a 213-203 win over Aiden

Title Matches
Conner Wills vs Alex Pace Man – Connor was a bit nervous, as he’s never been in this position. And he didn’t really settle down and he complained that he had hurt his leg. It’s a shame because he had bowled well all day and in the final he didn’t do himself any justice and Alex was the easy winner 203-142

Final – Tom Langley vs Gary Robertson. Gazza had all the drive of a robin reliant, but he still had a squeak of winning as Tom couldn’t striking on lane 12. Into the 9th frame Tom washed out and if Gary could strike it would make the 10th frame very interesting. But Gazza left a big split and that was the decisive moment in the match. Tom going on to win 199-174

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Thanks to all the bowlers
To Martin Stickpole and Jo Green for doing the scores.
To Corinne for stuff
To Andy Penny for ensuring the pattern was all loaded into the machine
And of course to our brilliant sponsors.. whose support allows us to have some fun, and offer a decent prize fund.

Sponsors were
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