Brandon Roberts wins the BigBear Bolts SportBowling Tour stop at Altrincham

The fifth stop of the 2023 English Sport Bowling Tour sponsored by BigBearBolts rolls to Altincham this weekend and sees 88 listed to participate.

The pattern will be announced on the Sportbowling website


Day 1 – Cairns Calls in on the top spot

Not for the first time this season, saturday had a North East leader. Adam Cairns hitting games of 222,230,277,204,268,194,161 and 191 for 1747 (218). Matt Lockhead in second with 1659 (207) and Myles Duke third with 1623 (202). Stacy Gould in 6th place, the top lady with 1520 (182).

Day 2 – Lee Cocker takes over

Squad 2 on Sunday morning and a new leader in Lee Cocker who rolled games of 248,238,279,193,194,233,255 and 203 for a fine 1843 (230). Close by was Thomas Copeland with 1817 (227) and good showings from Callum Simons on 1676 and Matt Lochhead with 1659. Top senior at this point was Ian Hollands in 12th with 1577.

Day 2 – Brandon Roberts takes the win

One more squad to go and a good score posted by Lee Cocker saw only one take a bite and that was Brandon Roberts with games of 274,215,240,246,247,223,225 and 201 for 1871 (233) and a win by 28 pins from Lee Cocker in second with 1843 and Thomas Copeland third with 1817. Top senior was Ian Hollands and top lady was Stacey Gould. Best youth honour and a free entry went to Kurtis Wong.


Results will be posted on the official website during the event and updates on facebook