BTBA create a new ‘Coaching Assistant’ course

After reviewing a lot of material from many resources in the past few months the BTBA have decided to create a new ‘Coaching Assistant’ course to help initiate the development of Grass Roots Bowling in the UK.

This will focus on the introduction to bowling to volunteers, serve as an initial step into coaching, and applicable to all age brackets with the emphasis being on helping our younger players integrate into their youth bowling clubs and start learning about the game. This will enable more BTBA members to support us in the growth of our sport and develop this culture in all centres around the country.

Objective – To Grow Grass Roots bowling in the UK through coaching

How am I going to do this?
By producing a range of programs deliverable by our Coaching Assistants (new role), Foundation Coaches (EBF Level 1), and driven by our Development Coaches (EBF Level 2).

This will be achieved by
A combination of research, consultation with relevant individuals and a period of dedicated focus and concentration on designing, testing, training and implementing said programs.

As indicated we are producing a new entry level certificate namely “Coaching Assistant” to enable parents and bowlers who want to help our YBCs to do so with some fundamental information and training. This award will be available online shortly and more details will follow

In the first quarter of 2024 we will be launching two programs for clubs, both based around a cycle of 12-weeks training to support and help our coaches use the knowledge and skills they have been trained on more efficiently and effectively. We have recognised that after a period of training people we now need to support and refresh our loyal volunteers more.

We will be re-launching coaching pathway shortly with clearer understanding of what to do and how to do it.

Conclusions – Longer term objectives
These plans are part of a bigger vision to raise the quality of coaching in our country, access to it, and opportunities for development. This will be supported by an improvement in communication and media.

Steve Thornton

(BTBA Head Coach)