Brandon Roberts wins the 2023 Welsh Open

Stroud bowl welcomes back the Welsh Open again in 2023, held over the bank holiday weekend. The event has a who’s who winners list of UK stars over the four decades the event has been running.

The defending champion is Daniel Harding who at just seventeen years old, was confirmed as the youngest ever male winner of the Welsh Open since 18 year old Paul Delany won in 1996. He has since gone on to win medals at EYC and a hot contender again this year with the cream of the UK scene expected at the 2023 event.

Livestreaming will be available during the event here


Friday – Harding sets himself at the top

Two squads on Friday and the early leader after the first six game block was Matt Lockhead on 1295 with Louise Roberts in second on 1253 and Darren Knape third with 1224.

Lockhead was locked on in the next block in the afternoon and blasted the 2023 event’s first 300 game and quickly followed by defending champion Dan Harding who just minutes later delivered the second perfect game of the day. Dan going on to record 1330 to lead overnight ahead of James Footner in second now with 1318 and Matt Lockhead in third with 1295.

Saturday – Kylie hits the top spot but Robinson roars into the lead

A busy Saturday started in the morning with a new entry in the top spot as Kylie Bromley hit 1377 as Tom John scored 1307 and 1250 from Ben Robinson.

The next squad saw Ben add a few pins and a greatly improved 1416 and first past the 1400 barrier. Dan Harding back on the lanes in second also with an improved 1370 and Hadley Morgan hovering with 1343. Another going well in his first squad was Rob Thurlby with 1327.

The final squad of the day saw Steven Kay land in third place overall with 1374 and Charlie Upton jump into 5th with 1344. Rob Thurlby adding two pins to an earlier score with 1329.

Sunday – Some bites for the lead

Another busy day and early on Mark Patrick staked a claim near the top in second overall with 1396 as Gavin Greaves hit 1385 and slotted into third place with UK legend Paul Moor moving into 5th place with 1375.

Next up the excitement came from Charlie Upton who fired a perfect game on the way to 1394 but it was Pete Stevenson taking the squad with a fine 1440 and into the overall lead with a squad to go. Brandon Roberts also finding his way to 1395 and 4th place.

The final squad of the day saw David Cooper move into 7th.

Monday – Moor looking for more

Paul Moor was showing signs of old as he blasted his way to the top in the final step 1 with games of 279,203,238 and 278 for 998 ahead of defending champ Dan Harding in second with 976 and Matt Lockhead in third with 918. The cut landing on James Footner with 788.

Final Step 2 – Hadley has the edge

997 was the score at the top in this round and Hadley Morgan after games of 237,267,225 and 268 but the early excitement in the squad was Rob Thurlby hitting a perfecto in game 1 and ending with 986 in second as Joe Cooper placed third with 962. The cut this time at 845 for the top 12 and Chris Oates.

Final Step 3 – Stevenson shades it

The top seeds now arrived and Pete Stevenson flying to the top after games of 236,235,258 and 235 for 964 and just two pins ahead of Brandon Roberts on 962. Jamie Bottomley in third with 961 and making up the top 8 were Rob Thurlby, Gavin Greaves, Hadley Morgan, Paul Moor and Jack Sanders.

Final Step 4 – Roberts takes it by a six

A great line up for the final and all 8 in the running. As the round robin progressed it was Jamie Bottomley and Brandon Roberts in a tussle for the lead and going into the last game separated by just 30 or so pins. Rob Thurlby close by in third place could still take the win. At the end though it was Brandon Roberts by just six pins with 2742, Jamie Bottomley second with 2736 and Rob Thurlby third with 2730.


Results will appear here during the event

Final Step 4

Final Step 3

Final Step 2

Final Step 1



1993 Cliff Dew and Pauline Smith
1994 Kevin Hills and Pauline Smith
1995 Lol Ellis and Jan Steiner
1996 Paul Delany and Jan Hannan?
1997 Wayne Greenall and Gemman Burden
1998 Ron Oldfield and Gemma Burden
1999 Wayne Greenall and Mel Isaac
2000 Wayne Greenall and Kirsten Penny
2001 Peter Lenders (Holland) Gemma Burden
2002 Steve Thornton and Gemma Harding
2003 Dave Parker and Kirsten Penny
2004 Wayne Greenall and Pauline Buck
2005 Nick Froggatt and Pauline Buck
2006 Paul Evans and Vicki Burbridge
2007 Dom Barrett and Fiona Banks
2008 Chris Oates and Jemma Smith
2009 Paul Moor and Vicki Burbridge
2010 Matt Chamberlain and No womens section
2011 Matt Chamberlain and Laura Rhoney
2012 Paul Moor and Haley White
2013 Dom Barrett and Hayley White
2014 Steve Thornton and Hayley Rumkee
2015 Darren Cundy and Lisa John
2016 Paul Moor and Danni Hopcroft
2017 Mark Patrick and Jo Allsebrook
2018 Peter Stevenson
2019 Paul Moor
2020 – Did not run
2021 – Did not run
2022 – Daniel Harding