MUSKEGON, Mich., March 6, 2019 – In support of the World Bowling Association (WBA) and its efforts to expand the worldwide adoption of competitive bowling, Brunswick has added the WBA’s new scoring format to the Sync scoring and management system.

The ‘current frame’ scoring format was developed to make the sport more attractive and easier to understand for casual bowling fans, the news media, and competitors. Supporters hope that the more straightforward scoring format will help efforts to have bowling included in the Olympics.

Sync will be the official scoring system of the WBA Junior Bowling Championships, to be held March 17-24, 2019, at the Plaza Saint Maximin bowling center near Paris, France. The event marks the first championship tournament that will utilize the new current frame scoring system.

“Brunswick has always been a frontline supporter of the effort to expand competitive bowling and to get bowling into the Olympics,” said Corey Dykstra, Brunswick CEO. “Our passion for bowling will always drive our decision making, and we appreciate the same from World Bowling and other partners and manufacturers in the industry.”

There is no carryover in current frame scoring, so the score is always ‘final’ at the end of each frame. If a player bowls a strike, he or she earns 30 points and wins the frame. Points for spares are determined by adding 10 to the number of pins knocked down with the first ball on the first roll of the current frame (three pins earn 13 points for the frame, nine pins earn 19, etc.). An open frame is scored by counting the total pinfall for the frame. The tenth and final frame does not include an extra shot. The maximum possible score of 300 is achieved by bowling ten consecutive strikes.

Brunswick’s Sync scoring and management system is the established leader in the field, installed in more than 650 centers worldwide. Sync combines the most advanced scoring features with a powerful suite of center management, point of sale, and marketing tools, all in one seamlessly integrated system.


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