LAUSANNE, May 31 – In an effort to review the current state of global bowling specifications, World Bowling will solicit input from member federations and industry stakeholders to determine if changes are necessary.

Currently, World Bowling recognizes specifications set by the United States Bowling Congress (USBC) on a global scale, however, USBC is one of 112 World Bowling member federations. In order to further the cause of inclusion in the Olympic Games, World Bowling is taking this step to study how specifications should be set globally.

“For many years, USBC has been a valued supporter of World Bowling and its global efforts, and we appreciate the time and resources it puts into setting bowling’s specifications in the United States,” World Bowling CEO Dornberger said. “The implementation of bowling specifications on a global level affects many stakeholders, and we take this responsibility very seriously. That is why we will be open and transparent about every aspect of this evaluation.”

Member federations and industry stakeholders are invited to submit to the World Bowling Technical Committee a paper on their thoughts about the global state of bowling specifications. Submissions may not be more than two pages (any supporting test data may be included in an appendix) and must be submitted to Kevin Dornberger by email ( before July 10.

Some industry stakeholders who have been past supporters or who have historically engaged with World Bowling will be invited to give face-to-face input on the subject. Those selected to provide face-to-face input will be notified. Statements will be heard during the World Bowling Youth Championships in Detroit, Michigan, on the morning of July 28. A Q&A period will follow the statements.

Among those invited to participate will be all World Bowling member federations, bowling ball manufacturers, professional organizations, athletes and other industry stakeholders.

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About World Bowling

World Bowling is autonomous in administering the sport of bowling and is responsible to promote the development of bowling throughout the world, promote the Olympic movement, contribute to the achievement of the goals set forth in the Olympic Charter, establish rules for the uniform practice of bowling throughout the world and ensure that official bowling activities meet the requirements of the Olympic Charter.