Flashback 1998 to the 1st AMF World Tenpin Masters

A chat about showing the excitement of Tenpin bowling on TV saw the birth of the AMF World Masters. Brainchild of Matchroom Sport’s Barry Hearn and AMF’s Roger Creamer the event went on to run until 2009 with winners including Jason Belmonte, Chris Barnes, Dom Barrett, Guy Caminsky and the great Paeng Nepomuceno. Female winners included Malaysia’s Shalin Zulkifli and England’s Nikki Harvey (Hamilton).

Sixteen of the World’s best which eventually changed to the World Tenpin Masters and eight players saw one of the most exciting spectacles ever seen on UK TV. 2007 saw Belmo defeat Paul Moor in a 566-524 two game final, A year later South African Guy Caminsky grabbed the prize with a 526-517 win over 2006 winner Barnes, The final year England’s up and coming star Dom Barrett defeated Australia’s Two handed superstar Jason Belmonte 503-424 to record his biggest individual win at the time.

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Produced by Eric Hayton and Go Tenpin Magazine