1864 Victorian Skittle Alley in London

The old infirmary was transformed into a skittle alley in 1864 and intended to relieve the boredom of the naval pensioners. Hidden underneath the grand buildings of the ORNC, you’ll feel as if you’re taking a step back in time…and, of course, you’ll have the opportunity for a game using wooden practice cannonballs!

Well you would if you got a chance to bowl last year on June 2nd. Hopefully the exhibit will be open again in the future. These are some of the lucky people to have a go.

Victorian Skittle Alley
The Skittle Alley of ORNC
King William Walk
SE10 9NN

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  1. I worked in the Royal Naval College for over 19 years and I have bowled on the two lanes many times. There were three sizes of wooden balls none of them had any holes for your fingers etc. you simply palmed them down the lane the biggest one’s required two hands and they were heavy. The scoring was really strange with three ball per frame. I cannot remember what the perfect score was but it was less than the 300 we know today.

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