World Exclusive Selwyn Morgan talks 300 at last


Bowling 300 may be easy to some but to others it can take a lifetime to achieve. Well maybe not a lifetime in Selwyn Morgan’s case but thirty years at least. Selwyn has become a much loved character in English bowling, not because he is an amazing bowler but because he is probably the nicest guy in UK bowling. Always a smile and friendly chatter, he has also been known to come up to people offering lemon drizzle cake. What he is probably know best for though is his Turkey noises, You instantly know Selwyn is in a centre when you hear a loud pitched gobble gobble gobble noise haha.

Selwyn is a tryer though, he will happily bowl with much better players to gain experience knowing most of the time he won’t qualify. He improves and never stops enjoying his bowling and has been rewarded finally with a perfect game in Stoke at the weekend, only the fourth one bowled in the centre. We caught up with this likeable lad to ask about his achievement.

Let’s start with the final shot Selwyn, Just how nervous were you, Had you gone first eleven before?

My thoughts exactly were “come on one more.” Another thought that went through my mind was when I went into a flunk on my first attempt in January 2001. I rushed, panicked and just threw the ball anywhere for a 296. My next attempt was in April and I missed my mark by one or two boards. It went Brooklyn and I hit a 298.


How many years had you been waiting for this special moment and can you describe the feeling when all ten fell?

Almost 30 years, my reaction when they fell was sheer happiness and relief. I nearly cried, even after I think back, the tears nearly flow.

selWere there any Turkey noises when you hit the perfecto?

I made the usual turkey for three strikes, then a longer one for six strikes and some of the other bowlers became more excited than me. I was calm until after the ninth and I was cauldron of boiling water inside.

As a much liked bowler who has worked hard to become good at bowling, what has the reaction been to your achievement?

The reaction I got when I posted the news was overwhelming. I received so many congratulations and praise and it was liked by over 600 friends. That was extremely humbling.

13723937_10209728769791991_7144985437556724426_oWhat ball did you use?

I used the Storm IQ Tour Nano and it was my fourth ball of choice as one of my inserts was hurting my finger and I did not get a good reaction from the other two.

Back to the beginning now Selwyn, where did bowling start for you and what has been your career in the sport so far?

I started bowling at Tolworth in 1985 with my brother and a friend for fun. When I moved to Plumstead I carried on bowling by myself until I joined a league by chance. I was as in bowl in various leagues before I was introduced to bowling in Europe in the European Corporate Games in 1999.

I still bowl corporates and our best achievement was in Brussels 2009 when we made 9th in the final , making us the best British team that year.

I started bowling in the EBT’S around 2012-13 in Chandra and the Brunswick Euro challenge. I have done both over the years, making the Chandra finals via the desperado squad sponsored by Dominic Barrett and Osku Palermaa.

I have since done the Brunswick Madrid challenge and Malta. I returned to bowl in the last Chandra and averaged 194. The Irish open is my favourite tournament, which I’ve entered for the past two years.

What is it about the sport that makes you love it so much?

The reason I love this sport so much is the bowlers. The majority that I’ve met are so nice on and off the lanes. The other thing I like is when you play alongside good bowlers and they make it look so easy.

It’s like watching poetry in motion compared to my own game. The other is adjusting to find the right line and everything coming together. I moved one board after my first strike and stayed there. Just one Brooklyn. The 800 is definitely my next goal and also bowling in the PBA50 one day. I’m sure they want to hear the Turkey. Lol!