All the English Sport bowling tour winners so far….

Hadley Morgan leads the pack in the all time English Sport Bowling Tour winners list with Five wins, Four in Stroud and one in Chesterfield.

UK Hall of Famer Steve Thornton in second with three titles and an English Open. There has also been four different Masters champions, Two lefthanded and two righthanded.

Stroud Hadley Morgan
Poole Steve Thornton
Farnborough Adam Michaels
Mansfield Jack Sanders
Chesterfield Jo Allsebrook
Stroud English Open Steve Thornton
Shipley Leon Devlin
Stroud (Masters) Adam Michaels

Stroud Adam Michaels
Shipley Vicki Harman
Farnborough Steve Thornton
Branksome Poole Brandon Roberts
Chesterfield Adam Cairns
English Open Adam Michaels
Acocks Green Paul Moor
Tour Masters Brandon Roberts

Stroud Rhian Dobinson
Shipley Leon Devlin
Branksome Poole Katie Finnigan
Chesterfield Hadley Morgan
Acocks Green Brandon Roberts
Mansfield Matty Clayton
English Open Matt Chamberlain
Tour Masters Matty Clayton

Stroud Hadley Morgan
Shipley Steve Thornton
Stroud Hadley Morgan
Mansfield Richard Teece
Acocks Green Gavin Greaves
Chesterfield Pete Stevenson
English Open Ben Robinson
Tour Masters Stroud Paul Moor

Stroud Hadley Morgan
Shipley Adam Cairns
Acocks Green
English Open
Tour Masters