Steven Gill wins the Murform 2022 Scottish Open

The Murform Scottish Open is being held at L.A Bowl In Ayr from the 7th to 9th of October. The event started way back in 1988 in Livingston and won by Bruce Pearce with the first female winner a year later with Gill Sutton winning with Chris Buck.

Wayne Greenall from England has won the most Scottish open titles with six wins. Home champions include Scottish legend Laura Rhoney winning three times and current champion Steven Gill also winning three times.


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Steven Gill Scottish Open Champion for 2nd year running

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1988 Livingston Bruce Pearce
1989 Livingston Chris Buck and Gill Sutton
1990 Stirling Andy McCraken
1993 Glasgow Richard Hood and Lynne Terrel
1994 East Kilbride Richard Hood and Judy Howlett
1995 Paul Boyle and Susan Campbell
1996 Ricki Froldi and Ashley Craven
1997 East Kilbride Wayne Greenall and Gemma Burden
1999 Stirling Richard Hood and Kirsten Penny
2003 Glasgow Wayne Greenall and Lisa John
2004 Stirling Wayne Greenall and Laura Rhoney
2005 Stirling Graham Turner (Ireland) and Katie Jowsey
2006 Wayne Greenall and Katie Jowsey
2007 Paul Stott and Katie Jowsey
2008 Nick Froggatt and Debbie Watson
2009 Paul Stott and Nicki Ainge
2010 Ricki Froldi and Laura Rhoney
2011 Wayne Greenall and Laura Rhoney
2012 Livingston Wayne Greenall and Hayley White
2013 Steven Gill and Haley White
2014 Curtis Hooper and Hayley Russell2015 Alan Keddie and Laura Murphy
2016 Kenny Jamieson and Ashleigh Gill
2017 Steven Gill and Tania Yusaf
2018 Rob Thurlby
2019 Steven Gill