Brunswick StringPin® Meets IBF Specifications for Use in Competitive Tournaments and Leagues

Brunswick StringPin® pinsetters meet the International Bowling Federation (IBF) string specifications for sport leagues and sport competitive tournament play worldwide.

Designed by Brunswick engineers to be capable of operating in the highest lineage commercial bowling centers in the world, there are thousands of StringPin® pinsetters installed in centers worldwide.

Late last year, the IBF announced it had approved string pinsetters for sport play after extensive research and consideration. The approval was due in part because the equipment helps proprietors address multiple business challenges, including keeping experienced maintenance technicians on staff, high equipment costs, and machine reliability concerns. StringPin pinsetters reduce energy consumption and costs while providing an exceptional bowling experience for recreational and competitive bowlers alike.

“Brunswick knows that nothing negatively impacts a center’s customer experience, online reputation, and bottom line more than frequent pinsetter malfunction,” said Mike Resterhouse, product manager “StringPin incorporates Brunswick’s exclusive expertise in pinsetter technology to ensure that StringPin operates without interruption at the busiest of bowling centers.”

The StringPin® pinsetter provides professional-grade reliability, exceptional ease of use, the best pin action in the industry, and improved customer experience, all at a lower cost with far less maintenance required. Our advanced 360 control provides an intuitive touchscreen user interface and an advanced machine control that includes the ability to set individual pins and seamless integration with Sync scoring games.

The simple design of the StringPin pinsetter makes it easy to operate and economical to maintain. With fewer parts and adjustments compared to traditional pinsetters, Stringpin does not require a specialized mechanic. The efficiency of the StringPin pinsetter can’t be beaten. It operates on one 3-phase motor per machine, which runs only as needed and comes standard with a white/UV LED pin deck light.

The “strings” used to control the pins aren’t really strings but are made from heavy-duty black nylon cord that makes them practically invisible. Brunswick StringPin is lightweight—weighing 25% less than traditional pinsetters—and compact enough to fit in many residential homes and basements, yet so durable it can be used in busy commercial environments.

The IBF also reported that bowling averages on string machines are very close to those bowled on free-fall machines and that string machines do not give the bowler any significant scoring advantage.

The University of Nebraska’s award-winning Husker Bowling Center is proof that StringPin meets the demands of competitive bowlers. The practice facility for the five-time national champion Huskers women’s team boasts six Brunswick Pro lanes equipped with Sync scoring and StringPin pinsetters.

“We’ve used string pinsetters for the past 17 years,” said Paul Klempa, the team’s head coach. “Compared to traditional pinsetters, some of the benefits of the StringPin pinsetter include less up-front expense to install, much less daily or regular maintenance required, easier maintenance and lower costs. The machines are safe and easy to untangle. I believe the Brunswick StringPin pinsetter is a no-brainer for anyone looking for an easier alternative to more complex free-falling pinsetters.”

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