Catalonia take on Sweden Youth in friendly battle in honor of Tomas Leandersson

The city of Mora, Dalarna, Sweden, was the location of this friendly match involving the team of Catalonia, and a group of young talented bowlers from Sweden.

This event was to be in honor of a previous coach and mentor for these kids, Tomas Leandersson, currently fighting with a brain cancer.

Tomas has been traveling to Mora for the past two years and helping develop a bowling academy, and was the person who suggested the manager in Mora Bowling Alley, Mr Mikael Alfredsson to recommend as Coach, the catalan and Storm staff bowler, LLuis montfort from Catalonia.

The event took place over five days, 22nd till 26th of July, and consisted on a Team events in the form of Singles, Doubles and Trios, and at the end the Swedish youngsters took the victory with a final score of 91 to 86.

There was a SINGLES final on sunday, with top 8 bowlers playing a round robin, and then a steplader.

The top 3 players were, Lluis Montfort with first spot and 231 average, Daniel Villaroya at nearly 220 average and Lukas Andersson (Photo) in 3rd place at 212 average. Lukas Andersson is one of the best young bowlers in Sweden, and should be soon a member of the Men’s team.

Every day of play there was a different oil pattern, day one there was ALL SVENSKAN 39, with just 2.4 ratio outside, second match was played on GREAT WALL OF CHINA, a demanding 48 feet pattern, and then last day we bowled on easier pattern called MIDDLE ROAD, there for the scores on the round robin were slightly higher.