QubicaAMF Launches the Industry’s Only Comprehensive Source for Information on Global String Machine Trends

The String Bowling Revolution microsite will provide bowling operators and new investors

with an easy way to stay up to date on the latest news, events and string certification for competitive sport bowling around the world.  

February 1, 2021 (Mechanicsville, VA) – QubicaAMF Worldwide (QubicaAMF), the largest bowling products company in the world, is excited to announce the launch of its new microsite dedicated to string machines: The String Bowling Revolution. This is the industry’s first and only comprehensive source aimed at providing investors and operators information on global string machine trends. The microsite is housed on the company’s corporate website and will be updated routinely with the latest news and information related to string machines. The content will be organized by date with the newest information appearing at the top of each page for ease of use and quick reference.

“Over the past several years we have seen a dramatic increase in string machine adoption by new bowling investors. More recently we have seen this with existing centers converting from free-fall to string machines,” says Neil Pennington, Director, Performance Equipment for QubicaAMF. “We hope this site becomes a valuable go-to source for existing operators and new investors looking for comprehensive information on string machines, how new technology has made string machines a real choice for sport bowling and the business benefits these machines can deliver for a center.”

As string machine adoption continues to grow in the US and around the world, The String Bowling Revolution is designed to be a repository of information for investors and operators considering or wanting to learn more about string machines as a viable alternative for their business. The site will include information and articles relating to string machine trends in the industry, whitepapers discussing what is driving these trends, press releases and interviews regarding string adoption around the world, real-world scoring data from string versus free-fall events, and what operators are saying about their efficiency and profitably after converting to string.

“Now more than ever, as we navigate the pandemic, we are seeing a real need for centers to be able to operate more easily, more efficiently and more profitably,” states Emanuele Govoni, CEO, QubicaAMF. “With the certification of string machines by the International Bowling Federation last November, we are starting to see swift changes in countries certifying string machines, France being the latest. We understand that investors and operators are looking for the latest information on string machines and string technology. This site is designed specifically for anyone considering string machines as an option to expand the reach of the sport and improve center operations for a more sustainable future.”

The microsite is housed on the company’s corporate website at qubicamf.com and can be accessed by selecting Insights on the main menu or directly at qubicaamf.com/string-bowling-revolution.

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