STAGE TWO COMPLETE – Rotherham Re-Invented

It’s been open since 1991 once part of the Superbowl 2000 chain and had other owners since. The new owners have now relaunched the new look Rotherham and it is awesome.

Rotherham Superbowl is set in a large multi-level building , on the top floor are 16 lanes including function rooms, arcade and Wimpy. Just completed is a dance and fitness studio with some really cool graffiti artwork. The middle floor has the Oasis Gym, Swimming Pool and Hairdressers and on the ground floor 8 more lanes.

The ground floor was our focus for our first two trips recently. Six weeks ago we saw the QubicaAMF lorry arrive and the installation crew unload a host of exciting new upgrades. Rotherham were not messing about with this update, old lanes were cut out and part removed and new HPL synthetic lanes installed. Out went the old cappings, gutters, bumpers and masking units to be replaced with shiny new ones and cool looking graphics on the masking which blends well with the colour choices. Old Spectrum ball returns ripped out and available for spares for centres who still have them and brand spanking new Harmony ball returns and surrounds in dark grey. Dated seating now looking space age with airport style four block seats.

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Check out the new look in 360 degrees.

Top Floor lanes




Ground Floor lanes



As with part one of the refit the standard of work looked impressive over both floors and some slight differences.

Downstairs a red theme ran through the eight lanes and upstairs a mix used. These differences include the ball returns and masking units which have be cleverly made into blocks of colour. Normally you would see ball returns all in the same colour but at Rotherham it actually works well.

With silver chairs downstairs, up sees blue in the same four block configuration and nice open areas with plenty room for moving around in. Despite the same equipment accross the venue, the management and owners have created two very different areas for guest to enjoy.

Speaking to manager Lee Barnes we asked what the feedback had been in the week or after the completion. “Really positive, We are finding the Adults prefer the traditional scoring and options but the kids are straight into taking photos and playing the games.”

“We will be speaking with QubicaAMF and the BTBA about sanction shortly and look forward to the future.”

A truth here about this installation is that an old venue that could easily have closed and been lost has taken the bold step of fighting for the future of bowling in the area and have done something to be proud of. Other old centres may well be looking at how Rotherham do in the coming year if they are to grow with the industry.

“You cannot stand still these days” were words wringing in our ears from Lee as we left what is now the only centre in Yorkshire with the all powerful QubicaAMF BESX scoring. Leagues are already moving from other local centres to enjoy the new look and the future looks very bright. If you are passing Rotherham it is well worth checking out. Bowlers out there would be wise to consider as a venue for the bigger events during the year.

“The only centre in Yorkshire with the Awesome BESX, Check it out NOW.” Dom Gall-