EBT News – Changed period in Tilburg

 The organizer of the Hammer Bronzen Schietspoel Tournament 2018 has decided to change the conduction period of the tournament from 4-11 February 2018 to 15-22 April 2018. The reason is that the construction of the re-build bowling centre in Tilburg, with the new name “Dolfijn | The Plays To Be”, will finish a bit later than originally expected. Dolfijn | The Plays To Be is expected to open a good week prior to the original conduction peri- od of the tournament, but the organizer wants the centre to be in a daily operation for a rea- sonable period of time before the tournament is conducted. The changed period of the tournament also influence the conduction date of the EBT Masters 2018, which will be conducted on 23 April 2018 instead of 12 February 2018, of course also in the new 24 lane centre: Dolfijn | The Plays To Be.