May 5, 1958 AMF Bowling International formed Douglas Fairbanks Jr., businessman: “BOWLING FOR BRITAIN

American Machine & Foundry Company announced today in a press conference in the Astor Hotel the opening of the first tenpin bowling center in the United Kingdom in the Stamford Hill section of London on January 20 with others to follow. The company’s bowling program in the United Kingdom will be directed by AMF Tenpin Bowling Limited, a new subsidiary also announced today, one of whose directors is Douglas Fairbanks (right) seen discussing the British projection of the rapidly world-expanding sport with (left to right) Morehead Patterson and Carter L. Burgess, board chairman and president respectively of American Machine & Foundry Company. Mr. Fairbanks has been associated for some time with AMF as a consultant on business developments overseas and will continue in this capacity.”

George Lord forms AMF Bowling International with offices in Saville Row and Manufacturing site to make tenpin pinspotters in Leytonstone, East London. During 1961 AMF exported £120,000 worth of bowling equipment from Britain and expected to hit £800,000 by 1962.…/timeline/latest/embed/index.html…

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