UK Tenpin Hall Of Fame – Home Nation medals in Commonwealth Games and Championships

The BTBA have joined forces with the UK Tenpin Hall of Fame and are currently in the process of recovering past results from the start of the sport on our shores. The massive undertaking continues work by the Hall of Fame committee collecting media to build a history for all to enjoy. Work also continues on the UK Tenpin Timeline which now has over 190 entries detailing important dates from History.

As lists are compiled they will be released and help will be needed to complete, Details on how the bowling community can help will be published soon.

We start with a release of medals won in the Commonwealth Games and Championships by Home nation teams.

Ten-pin bowling was featured in the Commonwealth Games official programme in 1998 in Malaysia. England won two medals with Gemma Burden and Pauline Buck taking Doubles Bronze with Pauling taking a Silver with Richard Hood in the Mixed Doubles.

The formation of the CTBF coincided with the inaugural Commonwealth Tenpin Bowling Championships, held in Stirling, Scotland, which was enthusiastically attended by athletes and officials from 15 Commonwealth Nations. A major achievement was realised with the inclusion of Tenpin Bowling in the 2004 Commonwealth Youth Games, held in Bendigo, Australia and in accordance with one of the CTBF’s primary goals, Commonwealth Tenpin Bowling Championships have also been staged in Cyprus, Melbourne, Belfast, Kuala Lumpur and Auckland.

1998 – Malaysia – Bronze Doubles (Pauline Buck, Gemma Burden)
1998 – Malaysia – Silver Mixed Doubles (Pauline Buck, Richard Hood)
2002 – Scotland – Bronze Singles (Nick Froggatt)
2002 – Scotland – Gold Singles (Donna Adams)
2002 – Scotland – Gold Doubles (Nick Froggatt, Steve Thornton)
2002 – Scotland – Silver Doubles (Donna Adams, Zara Glover)
2002 – Scotland – Gold Mixed Doubles (Donna Adams, Nick Froggatt)
2002 – Scotland – Gold Mixed Teams (Donna Adams, Zara Glover, Nick Froggatt, Steve Thornton)
2002 – Scotland – Silver Masters (Nick Froggatt)
2004 – Australia – Gold Doubles (Holly Towersley, Jenny Billingham)
2004 – Australia – Silver Singles (Holly Towersley)
2004 – Australia – Bronze Singles (Jenny Billingham)
2004 – Australia – Silver Masters (Jenny Billingham)
2004 – Australia – Bronze Singles (Sean Croke)
2004 – Bendigo, Australia – Bronze Mixed Team (Holly Towersley, Jenny Billingham, Sean Croke, Gareth Stone)
2006 – Australia – Gold Singles (Jon Zadel)
2006 – Australia – Silver Doubles (Katie Jowsey, Fiona Banks)
2006 – Australia – Gold Mixed Doubles (Fiona Banks, Dom Barrett)
2006 – Australia – Bronze Mixed Team (Katie Jowsey, Fiona Banks, Dom Barrett, Jon Zadel)
2006 – Australia – Gold Masters (Fiona Banks)
2006 – Australia – Bronze Masters (Jon Zadel)
2008 – Northern Ireland – Gold Doubles (Jo Allsebrook, Zara Glover)
2008 – Northern Ireland – Silver Doubles (Paul Moor, Darren Cundy)
2008 – Northern Ireland – Gold Mixed Team (Jo Allsebrook, Zara Glover, Paul Moor, Darren Cundy)
2008 – Northern Ireland – Gold Masters (Paul Moor)
2008 – Northern Ireland – Bronze Masters (Darren Cundy)
2008 – Northern Ireland – Bronze Masters (Jo Allsebrook)
2011 – Malaysia – Gold Doubles (Matt Miller, Matt Chamberlain)
2011 – Malaysia – Silver Doubles (Hayley White, Nicki Ainge)
2011 – Malaysia – Gold Mixed Doubles (Matt Miller, Nicki Ainge)
2011 – Malaysia – Gold Masters (Hayley White)
2011 – Malaysia – Bronze Masters (Nicki Ainge)
2011 – Malaysia – Bronze Masters (Matt Chamberlain)
2013 – New Zealand – Gold Singles (Kirsten Penny)
2013 – New Zealand – Bronze Singles (Lisa John)
2013 – New Zealand – Silver Doubles (Chris Oates, John Wells)
2013 – New Zealand – Bronze Mixed Doubles (Kirsten Penny, John Wells)
2013 – New Zealand – Bronze Masters (Chris Oates)
2016 – South Africa – Bronze Doubles (Sam Rose, Elliot Crosby)
2016 – South Africa – Gold Mixed Doubles (Becky Daly, Elliot Crosby)
2016 – South Africa – Bronze Masters (Becky Daly)
2016 – South Africa – Bronze Masters (Elliot Crosby)

Northern Ireland
2002 – Scotland – Silver Doubles (Billy Nimick, Kevin Horton)
2005 – Cyprus – Gold Singles (Billy Nimick)
2005 – Cyprus – Silver Doubles (Billy Nimick, Kevin Horton)

2016 – South Africa – Bronze Mixed Team (Robert Bruce, Louise Roberts, Lynne Walker, Stewart Bryden)

UK Tenpin Timeline

The introduction of tenpin bowling into Great Britain was more than just the launching of a new pastime. It represented a new development in the use of leisure, for there was a sport which depended not on a small band of highley trained experts performing for the entertainment of a mass of spectators, but a socially desirable sport in which people of both sexes and all ages could take part.

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