Twenty five years ago GB girls won a first ever EYC Trios Gold and Team Silver medal

Twenty five years ago a talented group of young players under the watchful eyes of coaches Ian Parker for the boys and Patricia and Bob Blaber for the Girls together with manager Fran Dee celebrated what was to spawn a golden era in British bowling.

Jo Harries, Susan Campbell and Sally Warburton claimed an amazing Gold in the Trios then the five of Gemma Burden, Jo Harries, Susan Campbell, Melanie Isaac and Sally Warburton with reserve Fiona Hutchison won  Silver medal in the team event for Great Britain’s youth in Brussells, Belgium. It also continued a winning formula for coaches Bob and Pat having guided Alison Freeman to Silver in the 1990 EYC in Munchen, Germany.

Twenty five years on and two World Cup Champions in the girls list (Gemma and Melanie) and two also in The UK Tenpin Hall of Fame (Gemma and Jo).

We asked Pat Blaber about the feat.

“Thanks to our then naybc sec. Fran dee who always accompanied the teams  was always on hand for us.  This was the youngest  girls team ever to represent GB.  Gemma 14 –  Jo 15  AND Mel 15. And all down to the NAYBC TRAINING SQUAD  and their 3 coaches, Bob -Lynn Overton and myself, and the girls total dedication to their sport. I think a special mention should go to Susan Campbell who lived in Aberdeen and came to training every months for 4 years. That’s what it takes to win european Gold and Silver medals.”

We remember the class of 92.

Photos thanks to Pat Blaber