2017 World Games – All medals decided

The World Games is an international multi-sport event, for sports not included within the Olympic Games. The International World Games Association (IWGA) is the governing body for the World Games. The World Games are held every four years, one year after the Summer Olympic Games.

Bowling must be one of the most popular sports in terms of participation with hundreds of millions of people around the globe bowling regularly. An estimated ten million take part in leagues, competing an average of 40 times per year. But only the best among these face off in The World Games. Seemingly tumbling the pins at will, the top athletes strike for gold with every ball they deliver. Their mastery shows in the way the ball rolls, the path it takes down the lane, and in how the pins go down behind its force or spin. Their talent is palpable, their results  inspiring, and the show electric when the best are at their best.