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By Lauren Dugan

NITBF Ranking Tour

NITBF Ranking Tour Event 7 and 8

Ranking Event 7 was held in Dundonald International Ice Bowl on Kegel’s Taj Mahal. It was also the first event held in the centre using the newly installed QubicaAMF BesX system.

On the Men’s side Kenny Donnelly claimed his first win of the 2016/2017 NITBF Ranking Tour Season with 1596 (199.5 ave). Alan Smith claimed 2nd place (1501, 187.63 ave), and Paul Murray in 3rd (1476, 184.5 ave). Kenny also took the Male Senior win.

On the Ladies side Lauren Dugan took her 6th win of the season with 1475 (184.38 ave), followed by Isobel Smith in 2nd (1330, 166.3 ave) and Donna Horton in 3rd with 1258 (157.25 ave). Isobel took the Female Senior win.

In the Handicap Knockout Semi Finals it was Kenny Donnelly versus Isobel Smith, and Lauren Dugan versus Alan Smith, with the Finals being an all family affair with Husband and Wife facing each other, and Alan claiming the win.

Ranking Event 8 and the penultimate event of the 2016/2017 Ranking Tour Season took place in Brunswick Moviebowl and Paul McCauley and Lauren Dugan made it a hat trick of wins in Brunswick Moviebowl this season. Paul took his 3rd win of the season with 1657 (207 ave), followed by Kenny Donnelly in 3rd with 1496 (187.25 ave) and Kev Horton in 3rd with 1465 (183 ave). Paul also took the Male Senior win.

Lauren Dugan claimed her 7th win of the season with 1474 (184.25 ave), followed by Donna Horton in 2nd (1395, 174.38 ave), and Caroline Horan in 3rd with 1340 (167.5 ave). Donna took the Female Senior win.

In the Handicap Knockout Finals it was Kenny Donnelly versus Paul McCauley and Lauren Dugan versus Donna Horton, with Donna defeating Paul in the Final.
The last ranking event of the season will take place in Lisburn Bowl on 21st May 2017 and will see the 2016/2017 NITBF Adult and Senior Ranking Tour Champions crowned.

nitbf_logo_white.pngNITBF Annual General Meeting 2017

The Annual General Meeting of the NITBF took place on the 9th April and seen Grant Dugan elected the new President of the NITBF. You can read a Q&A with Grant here: http://www.nitbf.org.uk/TurkeyTimes/QandA.pdf

Paul McCauley was elected Vice President, while Karen Payne was re-elected as Secretary and Joe Littlewood as Treasurer. Filling the Council positions are Lauren Dugan, Caroline Horan, Donna Horton, Kev Horton, and Tony O’Hare.

Senior Triple Crown 2017

Congratulations to all our medal winners at the recent Senior Triple Crown in Acocks Green, Birmingham:

Mixed Doubles (Gold): Sam Hull and Isobel Smith
Men’s Doubles (Silver): Sam Hull and Paul McCauley
Men’s Trios (Bronze): Kenny Donnelly, Kev Horton, and Paul McCauley,
Men’s Team (Bronze): Kenny Donnelly, Kev Horton, Paul McCauley, Tony O’Hare, and Alan Smith
Ladies Trios (Bronze): Donna Horton and Isobel Smith (with June King from Wales)

Full report in the next issue of the ‘Turkey Times’.

Evolve Bowling
Inception Event 7 saw Tony O’Hare defeat Kenny Donnelly in the Scratch Finals and Birthday Girl Lauren Dugan defeat David McKeown in the Handicap Finals.

The next Inception Event will take place in Dundonald International Ice Bowl on 28th May on Kegel’s Autobann. Registration 9-9.20am

How can bowling evolve?
Everything evolves – humans, fashion, music, technology, the list is endless, but how can bowling evolve further?

We asked 2 time World Cup Champion Aumi Guerra that exact question

This is a MUST read and please post any questions or comments you have on our Facebook page (@evolvebowling). We need to start conversations to help bowling evolve and achieve its full potential.

dundonald_logo_icebowl.gifDundonald International Ice Bowl

Update to date league standings to be published in May’s round up.

brunswick_moviebowl.pngBRUNSWICK MOVIEBOWL

Lynda Watson currently leads the Monday Singles with 72 points ahead of Kev Horton on 66 points and Paul McCauley on 62. High average belongs to Kev with 181.

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