How do Motiv do those cool logos?

One thing you can say about Motiv bowling balls as a fan or not, they look great. Now a ball is a ball when it comes to colours, they come in many designs with no two the same. Unless they are solid one colours that is.

How Motiv gets an edge is the way they do their big bright and bold logos on every ball. All bowling balls since the start have had engraving on them but not Motiv, they do something a bit special.

About NeoMark™ graphics

MOTIV® bowling balls feature patented NeoMark™ graphics.  They are highly resistant to cracking and chipping and wear just like the cover stock because they ARE cover stock.   Developing this revolutionary technology required intensive engineering, and production requires high control and precision manufacturing.  This is an area where MOTIV® shines.  We take great pride in quality and performance.

NeoMark cover stock graphics not only provide a unique and visually distinctive look, but also give MOTIV® bowling balls a performance advantage.  A study by the United States Bowling Congress made it very clear that bowling ball surface topography significantly affects ball reaction.

Fortunately for bowlers, our patented NeoMark graphics provide a consistent surface 360º around the ball because there are no engravings.  This ensures proper ball reaction, even as the track area passes over the graphics.

Patented NeoMark™ graphics are only available on MOTIV® bowling balls.  Get MOTIVated!