2013 UK Tenpin Hall of Fame Inductees Pauline Buck and Kirsten Penny


2013 Inductee Pauline Buck

Pauline Buck bowled for the Great Britain team and England in a glittering career, She is Britain and England’s only winner of two AMF Bowling World cups gained in New York, USA in 1981 and South Africa in 1993. She is also a two time World Bowler of the Year (1981 and 1993) and was inducted into the World Bowling Writers Hall of Fame in 2003. Pauline has won six Gold medals, four silver and five bronze medals dating back to 1977 and a winner of over Thirty domestic titles.

1977 European Championships Masters Finland – Silver
1980 European Champions cup, Rome, Italy – Team Bronze
1981 New York, World Cup Champion
1981 WBW bowler of the year
1981 BTBA Nationals 1st
1988 PTBC Wolverhampton 1st
1988 NST Wolverhampton 1st
1988 PTBC Stevenage 1st
1989 PTBC Crawley 1st
1989 PTBC Wolverhampton 1st
1990 NST Crawley 1st
1990 PTBC Tolworth 1st
1990 Brunswick World Open Qualifier 1st
1990 PTBC Nottingham 1st
1990 NST Blackpool 1st
1992 Irish open, Stillorgan – Winner
1993 South Africa World Cup Champion
1993 WBW bowler of the year
1993 World Games Netherlands Singles Gold
1993 European Championships Sweden – Doubles Gold, Fives Gold
1993 European Champions Cup israel _ Gold
1994 European Champions Cup Austria – Silver
1994 European Champions Cup Netherlands – Fives Bronze
1994 Irish open, Stillorgan – Winner
1995 European Champions Cup Netherlands – Bronze
1997 European Championships England –  Trios Silver, Fives Bronze
1998 Commonwealth games Malaysia – Mixed Doubles Silver, Doubles Bronze
1998 European Champions cup, Malmo, Sweden – Team Bronze
2003 Inducted into the WBW Hall of Fame
2004 European  Team Cup England – Fives Gold
2004 World Tenpin Team Cup – Fives Gold
1992 – 2006 winner of 28 domestic titles

2 time World cup winner, 2 time world bowler of the year, Inducted into WBW Hall of Fame (2010)– Total medals –  6 Gold, 4 Silver, 5 Bronze – domestic titles – European titles



Kirsten Penny

Kirsten Penny is a two time World bowler of the Year (2001 and 2003), Inducted into the World Bowling Writers Hall of Fame in 2010, European Bowling Tour rankings winner in 2007, Thirteen EBT titles, Nine Gold medals, two Silver and ten Bronze medals dating back to 1995 as well as further European and Asian titles and over forty domestic titles.

Career Highlights

1993 NST Strykers, Bushbury winner
1993 PTBC Tottenham winner
1994 Leamington Spa Singles winner
1994 Coca Cola fives, Nottingham winner
1995 European Youth Team Cup, Netanya, Israel – Team Silver
1997 PTBC Dunstable winner
1997 European Championships England – Fives Bronze
1998 European Champions cup, Malmo, Sweden – Team Bronze
1998 PTBC Chelmsford winner
1998 Jim Brewer Memorial, Poole winner
1998 Wolverhampton doubles winner
1998 PTBC Newbury winner
1999 World Championships Abu Dhabi – Masters Bronze
1999 PTBC Fareham winner
1999 Team England Doubles, Coventry winner
1999 PTBC Enfield winner
1999 European Fives, Norwich winner
1999 Portsmouth singles winner
1999 Jim Brewer Memorial, Poole winner
1999 British Open, Nottingham winner
2000 Team England doubles winner
2000 Scott Banks Memorial winner
2000 AMF World cup qualifier, Nottingham winner
2000 PTBC Newbury winner
2000 British Open, Nottingham winner
2000 World Cup Portugal – Bronze
2000 EBT British Open Champion
2001 Bushbury singles winner
2001 AMF World cup qualifier, Nottingham winner
2001 European Championships Denmark – Doubles Gold, Trios Gold, All Events Gold, Masters Gold, Fives Bronze
2001 EBT Vodafone Malta Open winner
2001 WBW Bowler of the year
2001 World Games Japan – Mixed doubles Gold
2002 PTBC Crawley winner
2002 PTBC Newbury winner
2002 Coca Cola fives, Nottingham winner
2002 EBT Aalborg International winner
2002 EBT Kungsbacka International winner
2002 Queen’s Tournament 5th (Made the TV show)
2002 Egypt open winner
2003 Sheffield singles winner
2003 Bahrain open winner
2003 Indonesian open winner
2003 Thailand open winner
2003 EBT Dutch Brunswick Open winner
2003 WBW World bowler of the year
2003 World Championships Malaysia – Doubles Gold, Trios silver
2003 World Ranking Masters USA – Bronze
2003 Irish open, Stillorgan – Winner
2004 BTBA Nationals, Airport winner
2004 Wellingborough doubles winner
2004 Irish open, Stillorgan – Winner
2004 World Ranking Masters Russia – Bronze
2005 PTBC Newbury winner
2005 BTBA Nationals, Coventry winner
2006 PTBC Tolworth winner
2006 European women’s masters winner
2007 EBT V Catalonia Open winner
2007 EBT Ankara Open winner
2007 European Bowling Tour Rankings winner
2007 Women’s world champs team bronze (and World record for 1 game)
2008 EBT VI Catalonia Open winner
2008 European women’s masters winner
2008 Federation cup singles, doubles and all events winner
2008 EBT English Open winner
2008 European Bowling Tour Masters – Bronze
2008 Qatar open winner
2009 European Champions Cup Greece – Gold
2009 EBT VII Catalonia Open winner
2009 EBT 31 Trofeu interacional Ciutat de Barcelona winner
2010 European Champions Cup Turkey – Gold
2010 WBW inducted into hall of fame
2012 World Cup Poland – Bronze
2013 Commonwealth championships, New Zealand – Singles Gold,
1992 – 2006 winner of 33 domestic titles

2 time World bowler of the year, Inducted into WBW Hall of Fame (2010)  EBT Rankings winner (2007), 13 EBT Titles, Total medals – 9 Gold, 2 Silver, 10 Bronze over 40 Domestic titles. Further European and Asian titles.


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