2023 IBF World Senior Championships

The Senior World Championships will be held in Cali, Colombia from 5th to 15th December 2023


Senior Womens Singles Squad 1

Colombia’s Sandra Montealegre lead the home nation charge in the first squad of the Senior womens Singles with 1271 as Italy grabbing two top four placings with Alessandra Morra with 1254 in second and Paola Barison in 4th with 1184. Team USA’s Dana Ausec in third with 1240.

Play continues at 2pm Colombian time with the Grand senior ladies and senior ladies squad 2.

Senior Womens Singles Squad 2

In the Seniors it was Sandra Montealegre holding the top spot with 1271, Mexico’s Alessandra Morra in second with 1254 and USA taking the final two spots with Dana Ausec still in third with 1240 and Jodi Woessner breaking into the four with 1209.

Grand Senior Womens Singles

In the Grand seniors it was Mexico’s Fransuesa Sacre in first place with 1119 followed by Colombia’s Ruth Vasquez in second with 1034, England’s Angie Brown in third with 1022 and the Czech Republic’s Dagmar Stulikova in 4th with 1019.

Grand Senior Mens Singles

Saturday morning saw the Grand Senior men take to the lanes for the single’s. Taking the top seed for the finals was Mexico’s Mario Boneta with 1221 followed by England’s taking the next two spots, Lol Ellis in 2nd with 1211 and Mike Sykes with 1210. Venezuela’s Jesus Olivares taking the fourth and final spot with 1193.

Senior Mens Singles

Saturday afternoon saw the senior men take to the lanes for the first of two squads. After a slow start by his own high standards, Team USA’s Tom Hess climbed into the lead with team mate Parker Bohn in second. In to spoil the american party came England’s Ian Hollands who opened with 148 and ended with a 270 and 1332 for second behind Tom Hess on 1343 with Parker Bohn third on 1290 and Mexico’s Jose Covarrubias in fourth with 1287.

The second senior men’s singles squad scores rose as the field chased a top four placing. The Dominican Republic, Mexico and USA all pacing the leaders after four games.

At the end it was Mexico’s Mario Quintero riding high at the top with 1403 followed by The Dominican Republic’s Rolando Sebelen in second with 1382. Team USA’s Tom Hess dropped to third with 1343 and taking the final spot was England’s Ian Holland’s with 1332.

Singles Finals

A busy Tuesday started with the Singles finals and in the Senior Women it was Dana Ausec defeating team mate Jodi Woessner 257-228 to claim the Gold. In the Men’s event it was the Dominican Republic’s Rolando Sebelen champion after defeating Mexico’s Mario Quintero 226-174.

In the Super Seniors England’s Lol Ellis claimed Gold by beating Mexico’s Mario Boneta 235-186 and finally Colombia’s Ruth Vasquez took the Womens Gold with a 183-166 win over Mexico’s Fransuesa Sacre 183-166

Grand Senior Women’s Doubles

The first of two days of doubles saw the Grand Senior ladies first up on sunday. After the six game block it was England with the top two spots. Angie Brown and Diane Johnson leading with 2191 and second was Carole Orange and Lynne Squibb with 2114. Taking the other two places for the finals were Colombia in 3rd and fourth with 2063 and 1985.

Senior Women’s Doubles

Two squads of senior ladies started with Tish Johnson and Dana Ausec from Team USA taking the first squad with 2560. Second went to the Italians with 2538, Puerto Rico in third with 2191 and holding the fourth spot was Colombia with 2163. One more squad to go.

It ended up a great day for the USA and Italy as they got two teams into the doubles finals. Holding the top spot was Tish Johnson and Dana Ausec with 2560 as Italy held second with 2528. Team USA with their second pairing of Jody Woessner and Sharon Powers placing third with … and claiming the final spot was Italy’s Alessandra Morra and Paola Barison with 2288.

Senior Men’s Doubles

Doubles day 2 and the Senior men on the lanes for the first squad of the day. Team USA’s Tom Hess and Parker Bohn racing into the lead with a 511 where they stayed till the end to post a fine 2775 as Canada’s Donald Hogue and Michael Snow were second with 2588. England’s Paul Loberman and Colin Grose took third with 2515 and Italy’s Alessandro Delcarmine and Federico Rossi in fourth with 2479.

The race was on for a place in the doubles final and Italy, USA, Dominican Republic and Mexico all going well in the second squad. At the end though it was the USA’s Hess and Bohn holding the top spot with the Dominican Republic’s Rolando Sebelen and Jose Perez in second with 2634, Mexico’s Mario Quintero and Jose Covarrubias in third with 2612 and claiming the final place was the USA’s Chris Barnes and John Janowicz with 2597.

Grand Senior Men’s Doubles

The final squad of the day saw the Grand Senior Men back to complete the doubles and the early leaders were England with both Venezuelan teams close by with Brazil and Colombia hovering.

At the end the Venezuelan pair of Jorge Cegarra and Arturo Hernandez placed first with 2377 followed by England’s Lol ELlis and Kim Johnson with 2348. Venezuelans Jesus Olivarez and Juan Barros were third with 2325 and fourth went to Colombia’s Julio Soto and Oscar Jaimes with 2289.

Doubles Finals

A busy Tuesday continued with the Doubles finals and through in the Senior Women went Italy’s Alessandra Morra and Paola Barison who defeated the USA’s Tish Johnson and Dana Ausec 446-430 as the USA’s Jodi Woessner and Sharon Powers reversed the result by beating Italy’s Monica Di Paolantonio and Helga Benedetto 450-360.

In the final it was the USA taking the Gold from Italy 426-322.

In the men and an all American match up, it was Chris Barnes and John Janowicz defeating team mates Parker Bohn and Tom Hess 486-453 as the Dominican Republic’s Rolando Sebelen and Jose Perez defeated Mexico’s Mario Quintero and Jose Covarrubias 454 to 450.

Onto the final and a Gold medal for Team USA as they defeated the Dominican Republic in a titanic battle 493-484,

In the Grand senior womens event England’s Angie Brown and Diane Johnson defeated Colombia’s Nohora Delgado and Dora Linares 350-310 as Colombia’s Yira Perea and Ruth Vasquez returned the favour by defeating England’s Carole Orange and Lynn Squibb 383-308.

The final went to Colombia as they fired 381 to England’s 366.

For the Grand Senior Men, Colombia’s Julio Soto and Oscar Jaimes beat Venezuela’s Jorge Cegarra and Arturo Hernandez 398-395 as Venezuela’s Jesus Olivares and Juan Barros defeated England’s Lol Ellis and Kim Johnson 388-370.

The Gold going to Colombia in the final as they beat Venezuela 386-371.

Womens Team Event

The women were up first for the team event later on Tuesday and in the senior event it was the USA way out in the lead with 2540 and a high from Dana Ausec with 678. Mexico were second with 2328, Puerto Rico in third with 2276 and Italy fourth with 2153.

In the Grand seniors it was England out on top with 2084 followed by Colombia in second place with 1929. Third was the Czech Republic with 1914 and fourth going to Mexico with 1879.

Wednesday’s play continued in the afternoon with the Senior and Grand Senior Women’s team second block and leading the senior Women into the finals were USA with 4948 and Mexico in second with 4507, Italy third with 4299 and taking the last place were Puerto Rico with 4299.

FOr the Grand Senior Women it was England on top with 4252 followed by Colombia in second with 3987, Mexico third with 3780 and Puerto Rico fourth with 3745.

Men’s Team Event

The final squad of Tuesday had the Grand Senior men on the cali lanes for the first block of the team event. Going well were Colombia and England with both taking the top spot but Venezuela, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic all in the hunt for the top four. By the end of the block it was Puerto Rico climbing to first with 2362 followed by England with 2299, Third going to Colombia with 2283 and fourth to Venezuela with 2221.

Wednesday had the Senior Men up first for their first three game block and the USA came out roaring with a massive 975 including 277 from Chris Barnes. England, Puerto Rico, Italy and The Netherlands fighting for the other positions early on. Further games of 825 and 825 saw the USA top with 2626 followed by Italy in second with 2497, Puerto Rico third with 2478 and England 4th with 2475.

The day drew to an end with the Grand Men’s Team second block and it was England as top seeds for Thursday’s final with a total of 4643 followed by Puerto Rico in second with 4605. Home nation Colombia were third with 4557 and the final spot going to the Dominican Republic with 4409.

Last up on Thursday morning were the Senior Men completing team qualifying and the USA were in fine form with games of 913,974 and 851 for 5363 and top seeds in the finals, Joining them were Italy in second with 5052 and Mexico in third with 5040 thanks in part to the championships first perect game from Mario Quintero. Fourth went to the Dominican Republic with 4881.

Team Finals

It all came down to the last event and the team finals and taking the Gold’s were the USA and England. USA claiming the Senior Men’s and Women’s Golds and England collecting the Grand Senior Men’s and Womens Golds

Senior Men’s Team Final
USA 207,247,224 vs 189,182,187 Mexico

Senior Women’s Team Final
USA 201,245, vs 210,184 Mexico

Grand Senior Men’s Final
England 206,197 vs 168,191 Colombia

Grand Senior Women’s Final
England 201,174,187 vs 191,186,140 Colombia

Senior Womens Team Semi Finals
USA 224, 200, 198 vs 202, 210, 184 Puerto Rico (2-1)
Mexico 204 166 vs 189,150 Italy (2-0)

Senior Men’s Team Semi Finals
USA 225, 256 vs 156, 210 Dominican Republic (2-0)
Italy 194, 215 vs 222, 246 Mexico (0-2)

Grand Senior Womens Team Semi Finals
England 174, 176, 140 vs 155, 214, 139 Puerto Rico (2-1)
Colombia 171, 151 vs 167, 143 Mexico (2-0)

Grand Senior Men’s Team Semi Finals
England 208, 215 vs 177, 164 Dominican Republic
Puerto Rico 170, 154 vs 194, 160 Colombia (0-2)

All Events

The Grand Senior Women were first to complete the All Events and it was a clean sweep for the USA in the Senior Womens All events as Dana Ausec took Gold with 3865, Jodi Woessner Silver with 3678 and Tish Johnson Bronze with 3656.

In the Grand Seniors it was England’s Angie Brown taking the Gold with 3288 as Mexico’s Fransuesa Sacre took Silver with 3229 and Bronze going to Colombia’s Ruth Vasquez with 3133.

Next up to complete the All events were the Grand Senior Men and Venezuela will be going home with Gold thanks to Arturo Hernandez who rolled 2596 to claim the Gold medal. England’s Mike Sykes taking Silver with 3539 and England’s Lol Ellis taking Bronze with 3538.

For the Senior Men it was Mexico’s Mario Quintero coming through to take the Gold thanks in part to a perfect game in the team event and a total of 4179. Silver to the Dominican Republic’s Rolando Sebelen with 4130  and Bronze the the USA’s Parker Bohn with 4074.


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