King of the Hill 2023 wraps up with wins for Sam Pateman and Pete Stevenson

Augusts King of the hill – the last king of the Hill of 2023 and this year’s theme was Landmarks. The first event was played on Big Ben, the 2nd on Chichen Itza, the 3rd was on Gateway Arch, the 4th on Taj Mahal and we finished the year on Stonehenge.  As usual I want to give you some historical and 100% factual information about the landmark… Stone from the anglo saxon word for “stone” and henge from the roman term for a “pointless collection of something”

Stonehenge – no one really knows why a load of rocks from miles away were dragged and dumped in a field… it could be the first reported case of fly tipping… we’re just not sure. Some think its an ancient calendar and poncy middle class hippies flock to the site to celebrate the summer solstice and they dance naked around the stones hitting each other with branches from a birch tree. …

A bit about these events – The idea is a friendly tournament that will give the bowlers a chance to bowl in a local event on a Kegel “Landmark” pattern. I want to give bowlers a chance to bridge the gap between league/house pattern bowling and an elite “Sports Tournament”. Thanks to our sponsors we are able to keep the price down so it will give you space to learn and grow as a Tournament bowler. I want bowlers to learn and test themselves but at the same time not feel too pressured by the bowling environment – And I hope this series of events will enable you to do that.

Ben Robinson was away ! and everyone rejoiced… we would be crowning a new scratch king !

The top 3 scores Scratch were

Peter Stevenson 1362 a 227 average

Joe Cooper a 1340 a 223 average

Alistair Big Mac Macpherson 1291 a 215 average

Thanks to the tournament manager securing some sponsorship for the event it meant we had some extra prize money.

We had £10 high game for each of the high game

Game 1 – Ross Holkham 249

Game 2 – Hayden Hewitt 229

Game 3 – Peter Stevenson 279

Game 4 – Big Mac 246

Game 5 – Joe Cooper 269

Game 6 – Jordan Hart 258

The top 3 in handicap section

1 – Sam Pateman 1364

2 – Glen Richardson 1356

3 – Alex Pace 1318

(Special mention to my girl Taylor Bonfield for coming 9th in the handicap section and if she didn’t gutter it after every bloody spare she would have made the final)

So before we got into the finals we had the fun pot games… we started off with the money shot. A bowler randomly selected had 1 ball to get a strike, if they did they would win £30 …

We had a few runners and riders – but the winner was Hayden Hewitt – he looked ecstatic with his win

Next up was  the 1 and 2s’ – the jackpot was reset to £30 after Basher won the £70 jackpot at the last event (he doesn’t like to mention it)

Everyone had a go… and I mean everyone, well apart from Danny Davies who was outside stealing car stereo’s.

Connor Wills took the 10 pin clean… but sensibly he took the £10 and didn’t gamble… there were a couple of others who took the 10pin – Glen Richardson was one… but no one completed the 1’s and 2’s !!

Even Taylor had a go and it was a good effort

Step ladder finals

Into Match 1


What a match. Glen Richardson and Alex the Ace Pace… this match was levels ! especially for the handicap section. In summary they both threw a shed load a strikes… Alex had a 289 with handicap… which you’re thinking must be the winning the score… but the top knot of Glen shot a 304 with handicap – well you can’t have more then a 300… even with handicap – I’m not having any of that nonsense. So Glen won through 300-289.


This match was just as entertaining to be honest – Big Mac vs Joe what ya know Copper. Big Mac banging in a 247… decent ! But Joe matched him all the way…. And needed a 9 count to win with his final ball… the trusty purple hamster slapped the pocket for a 7 pin and a 248 game to take the win by a pin.

Title Matches


Sam Pateman vs Glen Richardson – Asda vs Lidl – Sam in Smart price Corner and Glen in the German Corner. Best of friends these two. They share everything… food, showers, a bed, bodily fluids… the lot.. very close. And so was the match but in the later stages Sam just opened up a gap and Glen opened 10th frame which gave Sam the crown 274 – 247


The game was over as a contest in the 7th frame. Pete has just stuck 5 in a row in, and then Joe missed a 7pin – the score ended closer than it should as Pete opened frame 8 and 10 but had plenty in reserve to win 207-223

Thanks to all the bowlers

Alison Taylor for crunching the numbers

Hayden for being an energetic helper.. I’ve seen a asthmatic Sloth with more get up and go.

To the Mechanics of gobowling.

And of course to our brilliant sponsors.. whose support allows us to have some fun, and offer a decent prize fund.

Sponsors were

SD Carpentry Ltd –

Travel with the Smiths –

S&T Autos –

Sundon Model Shop –

KPeach Floor and Wall Tilling –

One Stretch Beyond –

So that’s it for King of the Hills in 2023 – thank you all for bowling, coming along and realising these are fun events and playing them in that spirit.

My last tournament of 2023 is the BTBA championship tour event at Dunstable – It’s a mixed trios with a scratch and handicap prize fund – make sure you enter. We will have a money shot perhaps a bit of 1’s and 2’s action and pot games… all that nonsense

Entry form is here –

We also streamed the event and you can find the video on my twitch channel

Download or view the Results here


Conner Wills with £10 after taking the 10pin clean on the 1’s and 2’s

Hayden Hewitt winner of the money shot with Onestretchbeyond’s Rob Durrant

And our Winners Peter Stevenson and Sam Pateman