Where to find UK Bowling News

If you are reading this, you must like bowling and follow the sport in some way. We are just one source of bowling information in the United Kingdom. Since 2006 we have shared and promoted what is happening in our country and formed a bowling media link to other sources. Results, Interviews and more on our facebook page and additional news posted on our facebook page.

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Where else can you find out UK News


The National Association is a great place to find all the official BTBA News including sanctioned entry forms, Inter county Championships and Team England news. All rules and regulations can be found for playing the sport in the UK.

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Badass Bowling

Around for over 20 years now, Badassbowling is a great resource for all UK events and tournaments. It is also not for the faint hearted as stated on the tagline. Entertaining reporting at it’s very best thanks to creator Daniel Bonfield.

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Go Tenpin

Part of the Tenpin Bowling Proprietors Association is Go Tenpin. Once a monthly magazine and now Industry news comes from their website for a list of UK centres and partners and Facebook for all the very latest News, Products and Member services.

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Sport Bowling Tour

The only true sport tour in the UK gives bowlers a chance to learn, improve and raise standards in UK bowling. The tour designed to give the best possible education while competing. The English open is one of our premier events each each to find our best National champions. Visit for all Results and News.

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UK Tenpin Hall of Fame

Created to record the History of the sport in the United Kingdom, The UK Hall of Fame has inducted many champions and holds a database of results since the very beginning in the 1960’s. All national team medals and honours included to find out who has been the best of all time.

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Others Sources for Bowling News, Products and Services

Bowltech UK – For all Storm, RotoGrip, Global 900, Kegel and more

Bowling Vision – For Brunswick, Hammer, Columbia 300, Ebonite, Track and more

QubicaAMF – For Capital equipment, New innovations and more