EYC Back in September 2021

? Hi all, we hope you are ok!!

As organizing committee, we marked this date in our calender: March 26th, the day all participants for the EYC 2021 would arrive in Tilburg.
This last year all bowlers in the world, so also all youngsters, face a extended version of the class: “Coping with dissapointments!” We know we will come back stronger than ever, but it’s tough. That’s a fact.
But as bowlers, we have learned not to give up after a bad game. You always get new changes! So that’s also why we have set the new dates for the EYC 2021: September 11-18.
We stay positive and we keep chasing our dreams! Let us know if you are with us. And leave a ? for your bowling friends who you think can use the extra support these days!
You can find the full schedule at www.eycbowling.eu