Provisional Scores are in for the Jim Brewer – Who won? Find out here

Jim Brewer Memorial By Daniel Bonfield

This week we will be verifying all the averages of the winners from the handicap section. A great tournament, well supported with 40 teams (80 Bowlers)

Next event on the tour is the Shipley Handicap doubles – which now only has spaces left in the 3.00pm Saturday squad. Entry form is here

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Handicap Winners – Splits and Giggles (Dave Passmore and Sophie Peacock) and 3rd place team “Taking the Michael” – Michael Webber and Mark Robbins

Scratch Winners – Xtreme Mint (Brandon Roberts & Hadley Morgan) 2nd place Powerplay Poole ( Chris Oates & Matt Chamberlain) and 3rd Place We heart Basher – Liam Fitzpatrick and Rob Thurlby

Individual Winner with a 255 average which contained a string of 3 games that totalled 838 – 279,279,280 is Mark Robbins with Tournament Manager Steve Thornton.


View Provisional results here



Although our list is incomplete the leading winner is Jo Cundy (Harries)with five wins between 2000 and 2008. For the men, a few players have all won the event twice including Steve Gomersall, Wayne Greenall, Paul Moor, Ray Teece and Dominic Barrett.

Year Venue Male Winner Female Winner
1991 Poole Phil Scammell
1992 Poole
1993 Poole Geoff Buck
1994 Poole
1995 Poole Ron Oldfield Judy Howlett
1996 Poole Steve Gomersall Kimberley Oakley Coote)
1997 Poole Wayne Greenall Gemma Burden (Harding)
1998 Poole Paul Carter Kirsten Penny
1999 Poole Wayne Greenall Kirsten Penny
2000 Havant Steve Gomersall Jo Cundy (Harries)
2001 Poole Steve  Thornton Jan Hollands
2002 Poole Paul Moor Jo Cundy (Harries)
2003 Poole Paul Moor Hayley Beavis
2004 Poole Leon Devlin Zara Giles (Glover)
2005 Poole Dominic Barrett Jo Cundy (Harries)
2006 Poole Daniel Stride Jo Cundy (Harries)
2007 Poole John Zadel Lisa John
2008 Poole Ray Teece Jo Cundy (Harries)
2009 Poole Dominic Barrett Lisa John
2010 Poole Matt Miller Lisa John
2011 Poole John Wells Autum Chamberlain
2012 Poole Ray Teece Hayley Russell (White)
2013 Poole Katrina Maciver
2014 Poole
2015 Poole
2016 Poole Peter Stevenson
2017 Poole Chris Oates
2018 No Event held No Event held No Event held
2019 Poole Mark Robbins