New product Coming Soon – Talk Tenpin Tacky Gloves

Back to the Future with our all new Pin-boy and Pin-girl portable lane machines.

With news many new ‘Micro bowling alleys’ are not using string machines and are going back in time recruiting pin-boys and pin-girls. Talktenpin has seen a quick opening in the market and will release the Talktenpin Tacky Gloves in time for the openings of these exciting new venues.

It seems the successful relaunch of boutique style alleys that blend the old with a chic urban or VIP look has spawned a movement that sees bowling go back to it’s traditional roots and hand placed pins on a lane for that real VIP touch.

The two and four lane installations due in 2019 will have “Pin People” replacing the knocked over pins and returning the ball over-lane to the guests. Real Wood lanes are being lovingly restored and lacquered up to a booming shine, just like the old days.

Our Super Duper Tacky gloves give Pin People extra grip while under pressure to stand those magic bowling pin triangles. Nano tech connects wireless pin spotting to the latest scoring systems to give instant scoring up to three times faster than the more advanced mechanical pinspotters and String machines.

The bowling industry has welcomed this new innovation in the Pin Monkey World stating, “This blend of simple idea combined with sophisticated technology has opened up a new area to explore. Nano tech in bowling gloves and clothing we hope will soon enable app developers to map a bowlers style in many new coaching tools and games. This is all very new and exciting!!