That moment you find yourself leading in Sweden

The UK has a number of young bowlers that have been cutting their teeth in European events in the last few years. Players like Richard Teece have shown that you need to compete and travel and pay your dues. Richard was rewarded with that dedication by claiming the EBT rankings title in 2016 but he cannot rest on his laurels as other UK players make their moves.

One such player is Dan Balsom from England. Trips to Ireland, Malta and elsewhere and he now finds himself in Sweden at this moment and leading some of the best bowlers in Europe in the AIK International Tournament in Stockholm.

Now, leading in Sweden is a big thing, especially if you are an Englishman or anywhere outside Scandinavia. We see the Nordic’s travel but forget sometimes just how strong they are at grass roots level. Win in one of the Northern European countries and you have the minerals to aim higher.

Dan Balsom as of Friday evening on the 6th January 2017 leads the AIK after games of 276, 190, 290, 286, 237 and 269 for a massive 1548.

Second currently is PBA champ Jesper Svensson with 1539 and third is Jesse Kallio with 1533. Speaking afterwards on social media Dan simply said

“Delighted with a score of 1548 last squad of the day! Shame about the 190!!”

You can follow the action in Sweden on the official website here

1. Balsom, Dan Strike Zone Pro Shop 1548  R
2. Svensson, Jesper Team Pergamon BC 1539  L
3. Kallio, Jesse TPS 1533  L
4. Thelander, Filip Sundbybergs IK 1530  R
5. Käyhkö, Tomas Mainarit 1513  R
6. Svensson, William BK Domino 1509  R
7. Karlsson, Christian IKW/Köping BK 1508  R
8. Lindberg, Robert BK Glam 1492  R