Daniel Bonfield’s Dunstable Divisional Drop in Singles

Week 3 … and we welcomed a new comer Chris Egginton who had a bowl whilst waiting for Andy to drill up a ball for him.


Aaron Chueng was useless all night – except for game 3 ! where something clicked and he shot a 245 to take the high game pot. Aaron also unveiled his new 10 pin spare technique – And missed every single one of them !

High Series Alfie shot a 797 with a rogue 149 game in the middle, but high series pot winner was Peter Fyles with a 807.


Aflie is top of the league with a 38point lead over Anna Yang who is in 2nd. Can Alfie stay the distance and keep that average up and get into the premierships with the bigger boys ?


Some high scores down on 7 and 8 – Matt Trotter shooting a 948, but winning the high series pot was his mate Darren Fox with a 966. Both bowlers scoring 52 points

High Game went to Big Mac who shot the front 9 then a 7count ending up with a 275 game.


Jordan the hit man Hart and Alan Keddie are tied at the top on 113pts. In 2nd Big Mac on 111pts

Next Week is week 4 a funky pattern week, the plan at the moment is to speak to the Pro Andy Penny and see if he’s planning on loading any of the Senior National Patterns into the machine. And then we will probably play on one of them.

Clips of the week

Fox in the Box…


Bowl 9, get 9


Week 2 – and it’s a Bank Holiday always a busy night. A coach load of bowlers turned up from the Kettering and Peterborough, so we welcome new comers Josh and James Ransome… and Philip Coudray, not be confused with corduroy ! that reminds I invented a pillow made of corduroy, you must heard about it,  it made loads of “headlines” – come on that’s a good one !


Youngster Alfie Humphrey has started the season well, winning a pot in Week 1. A 240 in game 4 for Alfie won him another pot and he shot a nice 856 series to take 52 pts. But he didn’t win the high series pot as that went to Aaron Cheung who was put together a nice 868 series.


Obviously very early days in the season, but Alfie leads averaging 200. David Fung-Guy is in 2nd and there’s not “MUCH-ROOM” to third who is Anna Yang


A whooping 19 bowlers, making points very hard to come by. Top bowler was the Hit Man Jordan Hart with a 921 series. And high game was a bizarre 270 by KC Kev Creamer who went double miss spare off the sheet ! – he’s never had a 300 before, but does this kinda count as a 300 ? – I would claim it !!


Well where does that leave us. KC is top of the league averaging 230, with Jordan and Alan Keddie in joint 2nd

Another Week of house pattern – then we will have a funky pattern week !

Watch the action back here


Here we go again – a NEW season, season 16 of the drop in singles league !

We didn’t have any new bowlers as such, but we had 5 returning bowlers who haven’t dropped in for a long time. Corinne Couch, who stopped bowling because her eyes hurt and her husband had to go and guard a rock in the sea, Jordan Hit man Hart and Lisa Cook came and had a bowl, and also returning was big bad Kev the rev Creamer and his son Harry.


Alfie Humphrey took the high game with a 217 game, and Peter Fyles won the high series with a 767. Not much else to report really ! Anna Yang had a decent 214 game,


First off Kev Creamer want to bowl in the championship, he said he aint bowled for 18months… then shot games of 239,257,273,222 for a 991 ! so I got the extra £2 off him and stuck in the Premiership – 991 ! in the championship would’ve been redic. So Kev won the high series pot, with Lee Miller shooting a 977. High game with a 279 went to big Mac Macpherson. It baffles me this. How does Hayden Hewitt smash the championship, gets promoted then shots a 676 ! – he didn’t shoot anywhere as low as that in the whole of last season.

Clips of the week !

Scout 7 – star of the silver screen – Basher Bonfield


Was he able – no he’s kane


Sharp shooting


The final week of season 15.

We are lucky in this league to have 4 bowlers representing their countries in this weeks Senior Triple Crown. So, I thought it might be a good send off to lay the tournament pattern down. Give them some competitive practice and to give us some context on the sort of conditions they would be playing on.

We had a new bowler this week – Wayne Wallacy, welcome Wayne. Also, it was good to see Laura Fawcett back having a bowl – I think !


A great night for our Dutch International bowler Anna Yang who won both pots ! – Finishing off her high series of 803 with a 223 game. Anna really was the standout performance in a rather bland final week in the Championship division.


Hayden Hewitt had the title wrapped up for several weeks really. And finished on 261 points, way ahead of Gary Waghorn in 2nd on 228pts and that great final week by Anna saw her take third, 1 point behind Gary on 227pts.

Hayden gets promoted to the premiership and further down so does sexy Jackie as she averaged over the 185 thresholds.


It was tough night on the those on the high number lanes… as Lee Miller was proper pumping out some of the worse farts I’ve ever had the misfortune to smell… my good they were rancid.

He’s rotten bumhole didn’t stop him from winning the high game pot with a 269, but down on the “cheater” pair 3&4, the best pair in the house Alan Keddie went and shot a 1001 series for the high set pot.


Miller really had the title sewn up… but did he ????? that 1001 set from Keddie gave him 52 points and Miller scored 39points – but that swing saw Keddie climb from 3rd to 1st and win back to back titles by two points – that is his 6th premiership title.

I think that was the best season we’ve had – we had 55 different bowlers drop in. I’ve paid out £1,584.40 in prize money this season. Awesome stuff.. there were times this season when I thought I could get to the ultimate goal and have enough bowlers for 3 divisions and for the league to run over two nights.

Now the mixed trios tournament is out the way – it’s time to concentrate on the Summer King of the Hills. The first tournament is coming up 12th May – get your entries in for this, be great to get this tournament running at trios pace – entry form is here https://form.jotform.com/231242549866362

Clips of the week …

Sharp Spare Shooting


The best in the championship ?


So best of luck to our senior triple crown bowlers, Paul Loberman, Matt Trotter, Sukky Gill and Alan Keddie.

New season starts next week – remember prices have gone up £19 for the championship £21 for the Premiership !

Week 9 of season 15 and it was funky pattern week – the pattern was Gateway arch. We welcomed a new bowler this week – non other then Ray Lay’s SON !! Philip Lay…


Oh my gosh, what a night Maurice Lipyeart had… rolling a 766 series and shooting a 244 game, which won him the high game pot ! Well done Maurice. Anna Yang put the misery of the mercury pattern at stroud behind her and rolled a nice a 765 series. But winning the high series pot was Hayden Hewitt with a 772.


Hayden has it sewn up going into the final week, and he will be winning the championship title and then back in the prem next season ! where we all hopes he stays – he’s got to be looking to establish himself in the prem and kicking on, and not yo-yoing between the two divisions.


Got to get right to it – High game ! Lee Miller opened up with a 265, then in game 2 Basher shot a 265 for a tied pot. It was particularly annoying as Basher dicked about on his last shot rolling a 6 count ! which cost him a whole £6 – that has hurt him !, best way of hurting basher is financially ! High series should have really been won by alan Keddie who had two single pin open frames in his final game and rolled a 899, Basher shot a 906, but winning the pot was Lee Miller with a 912.


Miller has now played 6 weeks and he surged to the top of league on 294pts. In 2nd is a tie on 279 points between Matt Trotter and Keddie.

Clips of the week

New balls please


Kaboom !


He’s found a ball with better carry


Big Guns


Week 8 of season 15, Basher was elsewhere, he was indisposed – he was in the where ?  So, at the wheel was the one and only J Bomb, Jackie Wyatt


Some good games from the girls, Angela Li with a 227, and Jo Green 222, but winning the high game pot with a 246 was double H, Hayden Hewitt. And Hayden clean swept both pots by shooting the high series with an 805. This won’t happen in the championship next season as you won’t be allowed to win both pots.


The good week by Hayden which has pushed him to the top league on 234 points, with Gary Waghorn 6 points behind in 2nd and Jo Green is in 3rd. 2 weeks to go until end of the league and it will be interesting to see how it pans out.


There was a 278 and a 300 – both from the same person ! Paul the Power Loberman !! Paul put together a great block of 1030 – and he still didn’t end up as the top point winner. Paul notched up 53pts, but Lee Miller with his 983 series won 55 points. Paul naturally won the high game and high series pot.


Matt Trotter still top, with Alan Keddie in 2nd. Lobbers moved up in 3rd – but in 4th with a week to catch up is Miller the pin Killer. He only needs a 29point scoring week to catch Matt up.

Next week is the delayed funky pattern week. Pattern to be announced once I’ve spoken to Andy P – probably will be the pattern that will be laid for the mixed trios tournament (entry below)

Next weekend is the Bedfordshire mixed trios – entry form is here – https://events.btba.org.uk/tournament-details?recordId=rec4ZaLDEzVBlrV3L

The King of the Hillz are also back – entry form for the first one is here https://form.jotform.com/231242549866362

Week 7 of season – Bank Holiday Monday. They called me crazy running a league on a bank holiday, they said no one would turn up – well what they say is RUBBISH ! – a bumper attendance this week – we welcomed the Family Skippins – Neil, Mark, Ryan. Sue and Brain Brett. Elvis is back in the building, and he was joined by Wai Yau, William Kwok, Alan Chan. And Alfie’s little brother Codi also came and had a bowl, our youngest member at just 8 years of age… just the 79 years younger than our oldest member Gerry Wrathall. Overall it was great night of bowling – great atmosphere and we had a 300 !


With some many bowlers points had to be earned. William Kwok, Alan Chan, and Elvis Law all shot over 800 – and come next season all will probably be re-rated into the premiership. But the winner of both the high game and high series pots was one of our regulars – Gary Waghorn, who shot a high game of 247 and series of 849.


Gary cemented his place at the top on 228pts and his average is now dangerously close to getting him promoted to the prem for the first time. In 2nd is Hayden Hewitt, double H, who could yo yo back into the prem next season as he’s currently averaging 189. And after missing a week Jo Green slips down to 3rd.


What a night for Jamie Hayes… unsurprisingly he got a new ball drilled up, he’s 673rd “new ball” this year. Then in its 2nd ever game being rolled it went and gave Jamie his first 300 ! which naturally took the high game pot ! – well done Jamie ! Basher was also on for a 300 until Jamie threatened to break both his legs… and he left a 7pin for a 278 game.  High series went to Miller the pin Killer – I swear he’s ball only has to brush against the 1 pin for it to scatter the pins everywhere.


Matt Trotter is way out in the front at the moment on 277pts with Alan Keddie in 2nd 252pts and Big Mac in third on 242pts – but watch out down below ! there lurks Miller – he has only played 4 weeks so far and with 3 weeks remaining it means he needs two decent scoring weeks to catch up to Trotter.

Clips of the week

All aboard the showboat – literally the best ball he’s bought this month


This ball’s a load of rubbish – Andy drill me a different one


Week 5 – and it was the delayed funky pattern week ! And we went for the Mercury Pattern, which was the mystery pattern we laid at the recent Herts, Beds and Bucks county trials.

A good turnout as usual for the funky pattern week as bowlers want to test themselves on something other then the house shot. It was good to Sukky face his “mercury” demons after a less than impressive showing in the county trials. And talking of demons it was also good to see Sal Spence coming to have a bowl.


Have any of you ever noticed that 85 year old Gerry Wrathall is always outside the bowl on this phone ? – I think he’s hitting up a dealer to get some gear in before he bowls… and whatever he’s on, I want some ! – Gerry hit a 220 to win the high game pot ! – that’s 317 game with his old age bonus. High series pot went to David Fung with a 755. Honourable mention to Sexy Jackie Wyatt who had a 731 with a 135 game in the middle.


Top 3 remain the same – Gary Waghorn 1st, Jo Green 2nd and Anglea Li in 3rd…. it after week 6 that the league really starts to take shape.


He had a shocker in the county trials, but on a different day and in a different head space Lee Miller was back being the pin Killer winning both the high game and high series pots with a 279 and 961 series. Honourable mentions to Matt Trotter who shot a 918, and what about Sukky Gill – Well he showed his performance in the county trials was just a blip, a bad day – and we all have them right ? Sukky shot an 837 series.


Trotter scored a massive 54points and is firmly in the lead, with Alan Keddie who had a dropper in 2nd and Lobbers in 3rd. Trotters main challenge will come from Lee Miller as long lee gets his 6 weeks in.

Clips of the week

No wonder I can’t hit what I’m aiming at… I might helped if I cleaned my glasses occasionally


Luckily the fans were on… as that’s what blew the 7pin over


Bowling Ups and downs


Week 4

I was hoping for a better turnout, with the county trials coming up on Wednesday. I thought people would want to get some practice in, but perhaps they are saving themselves for the roll offs and the tri county championship


This girl just keeps winning pots ! – she also said she doesn’t mind being on the live stream as she makes a lot of video’s at home for her own special channel “gorgeous greenie” or “greenie and the lamp – just give her a rub and your wish is her command” – er anyway, Jo Green won the high game pot with a 245. Winning the high series pot was Hayden Hewitt who put together a consistent set of games for an 823 series.


Gary Waghorn takes over at the top but is just 1 point above Jo, whilst in third is Angela Li 7 points off the lead.


Matt Trotter wanted to know what it felt like for the rest of us normal bowlers so he threw a 131 in game 3… he didn’t like it, so he followed it up with a 257. But clean sweeping the pots with a brilliant performance was Alan Keddie who shot a final game of 279 and 980 series. Alan was the only bowler breaking 900


A bad night for Trotter, allowed Alan Keddie to really close the gap. Trotter still leads on 180 with Alan in 2nd on 169 and in Darren fox in 3rd.

Next week is 100% funky pattern week. And we will be playing the County trials mystery pattern ! which I shall announce after the trials has finished.

Clip of the week

Lobbers scouting for strikes


Week 3 – the build up for the Herts, Beds and Bucks county trials continues as we had a bumper turnout. Dropping in for a rare visit was Mark mad eye Secker Bag, and we had a new bowler David Fung.


One of them nights when the top point scorer doesn’t win a pot. Top point scorer was newbie David Fung who put together a consistent set and scored 40points. Gary Waghorn shot a 792, but winning the high series pot with an 805 bowling down on 1 & 2 was Sexy Jackie Wyatt. High game pot went to Roger “I’ve got gout” Hurst who opened up with a 247

A nice pot to win as both pots were worth £19

Congratulations to Alfie who we worked out is 4 times younger then Gerry Wrathall.


Despite having a bad week Jo Green remains at the top, with Gary Waghorn in 2nd and Angela Li in 3rd


A strong night in the premiership with a league average of 207 with 3 bowlers all shotting over 900. Lobbers with a 936, Alan Keddie a 929 but winning the high series pot with a 963 was Matt Trotter. High game pot went to Alan Keddie with a 276, with a dishonourable mention to big Mac who came close with a 264


Matt Trotters good start to the season continues and he leads with a 231 average. Alan Keddie is 2nd and Mark Richardson is in 3rd

Clips of the week

Flighted filth all over the shop – https://clips.twitch.tv/SillyAcceptableClintmullinsYouWHY-Zujbsy5MyYdp6Dqy

No wonder he won the pot with luck like that – https://clips.twitch.tv/HomelyFamousAlligatorAMPEnergyCherry-QqzF2RV0HQjC9Yhb

Week 2 of Season 15 – the day after squad 1 of the county trials that a lot of the regulars bowled in, so the numbers were down a little bit. Tom Langley dropped in for a rare appearance.


Jo Green has started the season on fire… winning another pot with a 229 game in game 2. Then someone threw a bucket of water over her in the last game, as she had a 139 last game for a 763 set. That meant Angela Li stole the pot by 3 pins with a 766 – the first pot she’s won. Well done Angela


At this early stage in the season Jo Green is at the top after two good weeks, with Angela in 2nd and young Alfred Humphries in 3rd.


Aaron Cheung opened up with a 257, Tom Langley shot a 256 in game 2 – but winning the high game pot was Basher ! with a beautifully crafted 258 game. High series pot was won by Tom with a 907.


The Aylesbury mob are setting the pace. Matt Trotter in first, James Stone 2nd and Darren Fox in 3rd.

Clip of the week – even his pins fall over slowly – Slow Mo gets a strike.


So here we are again – week 1 of a new season, season 15. We welcomed back Kane Bennett who hasn’t dropped in for a while.


It was close night for the pots – Jo Green and Keith Hou both tied the pot with a 215, with Both Alfie Humphrey and Sexy Jackie just missing out with a 213 and Ben Holkham shooting a 214.  The high series pot was again won by Jo Green with a 773, just beating Sexy Jackie by a pin with her 772. Other Honourable mentions – Ben Holkham with a 760 and Alfie with a 753


Not massive games, but a lot of consistent high games from Miller and Matt Trotter. Lee shooting a high game of 247 for a 966. But starting the season with a clean sweep of pots was the father of TV quiz sensation Lee Trotter, Matt. Matt shot high game of 248 on his way to a 970 block. He was very disappointed no one asked him for a selfie or an autograph, he even bought a pack of sharpie pens with him… He might not be bowling much this season as he’s expecting a call for Celebrity Love Island…

Clips of the week… bit thin on the grand

We got a routine spare from Lobbers


That’s a bit wide – oi I’m not talking about Laura !