Season 14 – Daniel Bonfield’s Dunstable Divisional Drop in Singles

Week 6 of Season 15 – and this where the league really hots up. And people start dropping their lowest scoring weeks, and others starting catching up on their weeks to make the best 6 out of 10.

A whole host of newbies – we welcomed Terry Ng, Polam Lee and Kim Lee.

Before I start with the report – I just want to make it clear !!!! – YES THERE IS BOWLING NEXT MONDAY !!! SAME TIME…


19 bowlers in the championship. So points are have to be earned. One of them nights were the top point scorers weren’t the pot winners. Top point scores were Sal Spence and newbie Polam who both got 41pts. But High game went to young Alfie who notched his PB high game, rolling a 268. And high series winner went to double H Hayden Hewitt with a 794 set


Garry Waghorn and Jo green still battling it out at the top – both with the exact same average ! – Garry 1st on 206pts and Jo 2nd on 196. Then in third there’s a change as Hayden replaces Angela who missed a week and slipped down to 4th.


A few bowlers missing, so a chance to pick up some points. Every bowler shooting over 800 with the league average a 216. High game, Big Mac shot a 276, but Spencer Edwards who had previously shot a 258 went and followed that up with a 279 to pick up a pot. High Series pot went to Alan Keddie with a 942 ! – and he hates lane 5 & 6


Keddie clawed a few points back from Matt Trotter. But Matt still has a comfortable lead of 31points over Alan. In third is James Stone.


Also draw your attention to a couple of things

  1. April 20th & 21st BTBA Mixed Trios at Dunstable – entry form is here
  2. May 12th – The summer series of the King of the Hillz tournaments kick’s off – make sure you like the group page on facebook. Entry form out at the weekend –

The final week of season 14 – and we had great numbers, boosted by 3 newbies – Ricky Cheong, Aaron Cheung and Keith Hou. Welcome guys ! Thanks for coming along.


Well he finally had a good week  ! – Peter Fyles has had a bad season compared to his usual standards, but last night he hit some form. Winning the high game pot with a 233 and completing the high series with a 802 (which I beat over 3 game last night… but enough about me, I’ll get to the good bits later in the report). Honourable mention to Joe Chan who shot a nice 772 set.


Well despite a bad night Jamie Hayes clinched the championship title and gets promoted to the prem with a 191 average. In 2nd was Roger Hurst who was weighed down by so many sandbags he barely made it to the foul line. And in 3rd place was Gary Waghorn.


Basher once scored 60pts in this league – the maximum. And on that night he still didn’t win both pots ! But last night he sizzled, he popped, he was locked in and loaded. He opened up with a 297, then a 279 and then a couple of 230’s for a 1048 and 56 points.

Other notable performance was from Alan Keddie with a 932 set


Despite Basher’s heroics, there was no stopping Keddie who claimed the premiership title on 297pts, 14 pts ahead of Basher in the 2nd, with Matt Trotter in 3rd. Listen to this… the top 5 – Keddie, Basher, Trotter, Lobbers, and Miller all scored more points than the total of points that won the premiership last season.

Straight into week 1 of season 15 next Monday !


The good the bad and the ugly… this is the BAD !

The Good (carry) and the UGLY (me)

Week 9, the penultimate week of season 14 ! – yes we’ve nearly done 140 weeks of this league. Welcome back this week James Stone whose been off with an injury to his knackers.

Into the action…

It’s been a long time since Richie Parker last won a pot, but a 227 game in game 4 saw him take home £13 for the high game. And the high series was tied between Jamie Hayes and Bedfordshire’s SSL top point scorer Anna Yang with a pair of 792’s !

Heading into the final week and Jamie Hayes is home and dry and with a premiership qualifying average. Roger Hunter is in 2nd and needs to be careful he doesn’t bowl too well, as it will push his average over the 185 championship threshold. In 3rd is Gary Waghorn. And currently our top lady is Anna Yang

High game of the evening went to Bedfordshire’s SSL lowest point scorer Alan Keddie with a 259, and high series went to Lee Miller the pin killer with a 965. Matt Nash could have nicked Keddie’s high game if he had struck in his 11th frame of game 4 – see the clip of the week !

Any chance of Alan Keddie being caught at the top evaporated, as 2nd place Matt Trotter had a shocker down on the easiest pair in the house 3&4 and Lobbers couldn’t put together a charge on 15&16. So it’s Keddie top, Trotter 2nd and Basher in 3rd for now !

Clip of the weeeeeekkkkk !

Week 8 of season 14 – and it was “funky pattern” night. The pattern was the pattern the juniors recently played on in south of England. It was basically a 45ft pattern with a 2.7:1 ratio – anyone over a 800 series, a 200 average was up there with the best juniors. Joining the regulars and dropping in for a chuck were Sukky Gill, Jordan the hit man Hart and Lisa Cook.


Jo Green started off with a great clean game 214 and I thought that might be enough to win the pot. It lasted till the last game then Jamie Hayes shot a 234 game to steal the money. But Jo had the consolation winning the high series pot with a well put together 775 set.

Special mention to high game / low game champion – Maurice lipyeart who rolled a nice 203, but then followed it with a 98 ! – totally lost it.


Jamie is comfortably in the lead of the championship on 280 pts, 19 points ahead of Roger Hurst – who nearly died again last night. Jamie looks like returning back to the prem with the big boys. In third is Gary Waghorn on 242 points.


Even the superstars of the prem were struggling to get to grips with this pattern. I mean it’s a sign of the times when even Matt Trotter’s digging out a purple hammer ! High game went to the Hit man Hart, Jordan, who rolled a 256 in game 2. There were only two bowlers who broke a 800 – Paul Loberman rolled a 804 set and the winner of the high series pot was Matt Trotter who scored a 858 series.


Another decent scoring week for the top 4. Alan Keddie remains in 1st on 287pts, with Trotter in 2nd on 280pts. Then comes Basher on 269 and in 4th is Paul Loberman on 260pts.

Clips of the week are back !

Plenty of life in him… rolling the 3 pin forward

No power, no glory




Week 7 of season 14 of the drop in league. And we go straight into the action.


Jamie Hayes opened up with a 218, and Roger Hurst a 217. Game 2 Roger banged in a 230 and that saw him win the high game pot, and he took the clean sweep by also winning the high series pot with a 797. Honourable mention to Rob Durrant who scored maximum points in game 3 with a 199 that included 6 in a row ! – Generally, it was a low scoring night across the championship with only Jamie and Roger breaking a 700.


Jamie Hayes looks to have it sewn up and with a 27 point lead over Roger in 2nd and he looks like he’s going to be having another crack in the premiership next season.


The low scoring in the championship wasn’t seen in the premiership as there were 3 950 series thrown. Alan Keddie threw a 967 and took maximum points. Big Mac threw 19 strikes in a row at one point and had games of 268 and 278 and finished with a 971 series, but unluckily for Mac he didn’t win a pot, as Lee Miller shot a third game of 297 for a 978 series.


 Alan Keddie has now opened up a lead at the top of the table and is on 285pts, 16pts ahead of Matt Trotter in 2nd on 269 with Basher on 268pts. The top 5 bowlers are all 50+ years of age ! – come on young people why are you letting these old coffin dodgers win ! .

Next week is the funky pattern week ! – and we’re bowling on the 2021 USBC Junior Gold Qualifying Pattern – its what the juniors recently bowled on in the South of England doubles and singles event.

It’s 45ft with a ratio of 2.7:1 – we’ve actually played on it before – week 8 of season 8 – Sukky Gill was high bowler with a 849 series and was actually the only bowler to break 800 !

Week 6 of season 14 in the drop in singles league. From here on into week 10 the league really heats up, with bowlers catching up their weeks and those who bowl more regularly dropping their lowest scoring weeks. We welcomed back CJ coming and having a bowl and new comer Angela Li whose come back to bowling after a long break away.


Firstly lets give a shout to Rob Durrant who hit a 656 and is starting to look like a much older greyer Belmo, wazzing it back from board 1 and striking. Nice bowling Rob. High game went to Joe Chan who shot a 233 – he always won the biggest difference between high game and low game after finishing of his set with a 125 – a 113 pin swing. High series went to the young gun (well he is compared to Gerry) Maurice Lipyeart who rolled a 761 set – well done.


Jamie Hayes leads and looks to be coming back to the premiership next season. Roger Hurst is in 2nd 30pts behind, with Rob Yandell in 3rd and Gary Waghorn in 4th  – Gary has to be careful that doesn’t bowl too well in the remaining 4 weeks or he’ll find himself in the prem next season.


Lane 3 & 4 – easily the best pair in the house ! FACT…  Hayden Hewitt 871, but Paul Loberman and Alan Keddie were posting some numbers. Lobbers shot a 980, but Keddie took the high series pot with a 990 ! – Lobber’s still went home with some sheckles in the back burner winning the high game pot with a 268.


Its really close this season. Matt Trotter leading on 265, with Keddie 2nd on 264 and Basher 3rd with 262 and Lobbers in 4th with 2 weeks to catch up – and lets suppose he gets 40pts for each of them weeks – that puts him right in the mix on 264 – so the top 4 could be separated by just a handful of points going into the final weeks.

Clips of the week

Classic Bash/r

League bowling beats PBA any day… so much action in 1 clip… doubles V’s and some dubious carry

The first drop in singles night of 2024. We welcomed back the Stevenage Stud Steve Allardyce and new bowler Alison Wheeler.


Jamie Hayes escaped from hospital and turned up to have a bowl with a hospital tag round his wrist and a surgical gown still on. Jamie opened up the year with a 243 first game. But that didn’t win the pot as youngster Alfie Humphrey sneaked in with a 245 to win himself some more money to spend on white lightening cider which he can drink down the park with his “crew”

High series, Jamie just won this one from Alfie – Jamie with a 778 and Alfie with a 762.


Funny week as 3 bowlers all top scored on 46pts. Jamie and Alfie were joined by Maurice Lipyeart who also notched up 46pts. At the top of the table is Jamie Hayes, followed by Roger Hurst and Rob Yandell in 3rd.


Basher only went and had his best 4 game set – a 963, but didn’t win a single pot ! livid – turbo livid. High game went to Paul Loberman who had a last game of 267, beating Matt Trotters 263. But Trotter took the high series pot with a 967 beating poor old basher’s 963 ! Special mention to Spencer Edwards for setting a new low with a 96 game in the premiership – Big Mac is determined to beat that !


Trotter by leads by one point from Basher with Alan Keddie in 3rd.

Clips of the week – or should that be of the WEAK !

Keddie confused

Lobbers ! doing lobber things… if I was storm I would ask paul to stop advertising their brand !

The last drop in league night of 2023. We had Hagrid, Bat Hulk, Big Russ Snipper dropping in for a chuck … and in his case it literally is a chuck. It’s mad to think when he was in my YBC he was about 2 foot tall and throwing it 5mph.

It was week 4 and that means funky pattern pro’s choice – and AP went for the Tokyo Pattern that the Senior and Super Senior bowled on in their recent world championships


Ray Lay opened up with a 232 – an amazing game. And that won him the high game pot, and also helped him to a 766 series which gave Ray the high series pot as well and £28 in his bank ! Jamie Hayes – the Ball winner was the only other bowler in the championship to break 700 with a 727 series.


Jamie Hayes leads the league on 181 points, with Gazza Waghorn in 2nd on 172 – both bowlers averaging over the 185 threshold for promotion. Roger Hurst in 3rd on 165pts.


Big Mac is determined to bowl bad enough to get into the championship – but for some reason the tougher pattern focused his mind and he put in a season best performance with a 839 series with a 235 game to win both pots. Other bowlers breaking 800 – Matt Trotter 804, and Mark Richardson with an 806. The premiership average was just 178 – compared with week 3 when we were on the house and the league average was 206.


Despite a bad week Alan Keddie leads the league on 168 and has a higher average then Matt Trotter who is also on 168pts. In Third is Basher on 166.. It looks like its going to be a close season as there are a few lurkers – Lee Miller, Paul Loberman.

Clip of the week – Garry Waghorn with one his more “solid” Strikes.

And here is Jamie Hayes with his new ball courtesy of Bowling Vision and The Bedfordshire Bowling Associations xmas raffle !

Week 3 of season 14 – firstly important announcement. There is NO bowling next Monday 11th December. The bowl is totally booked out for a private function.

This week we welcomed back Martin Schwiminpoole who dropped in to test out his wrist… he could have done that at home looking at the internet.  Also dropping in was Lee Bradley who was bowling to give his wrist a rest.

Chocolates passed around to celebrate the anniversary of Roger Hunter’s birth 149 years ago… and he’s still not the oldest in the league


Some high games being rolled. Ray Lay looking like a really old milk tray man rolled a nice 233 first game. Gary Waghorn rolled a 225 first game, and Harrison Kroplenicki had the front 6 poo’d his pants and ended up with a 228 2nd game. But the high game pot winner was Anna Yang with a 238 – not bad for someone who bowls in clogs. High series went to Gazza Waghorn who shot a 791 series.


Jamie Hayes continues to lead and maintains his 200 average. Roger Hurst is in 2nd always challenging, but also careful not to average over 185 and get himself promoted. And having a good start to the season is Garry Waghorn averaging 193 and sitting in 3rd place.


Basher opened up with a 254 game. Despite properly crying about sticky approaches Lee Miller put on his BIG BOY pants and managed to shoot a 257 game to win himself £13. High series pot went to the young gun, the stunningly good looking Basher Bonfield who shot a 906


With Paul Loberman away bowling in Columbia – not sure if he’s mentioned it ! it meant there was change up at the top. Alan Keddie is now the leader averaging 231, with Basher in 2nd and Matt Trotter in 3rd.

Herts. Beds, and Bucks county trials and the TRI county championships Entry form is now out

So please all you enter – especially any Bedfordshire residents who are 50 or over !!



Week 2 of season 14 – we had two new bowlers. Ray Lay’s daughter Emma a total newbie to bowling came and had a go. The big lump Ki Leighfield also dropped in. Ki has been that size since he was 13 ! he had a beard at 13 as well. Emma and Ki both live in Hemel (the centre of the universe). It always amazes me that despite not having a bowling centre for 35 years the place still produces bowlers.

Following on from last weeks report – Roger turned up with his £20 Harry Potter baseball cap… to be honest I was a bit underwhelmed… for £20 I was expecting some flashing lights or sparks flying out the top or it to shout “Gryffindor”or something like that


Gary Waghorn rolled a nice set despite a 154 2nd game. Gazza Opened up with a 235 game and finishing with an 811 series. But Jamie Hayes swopped in with a 243 last game to win both the high game and high series pot with an 827 series. Jamie didn’t hit one series over 800 last season when he was in the prem, this year back in the championship he’s averaging 210 ! –


Very early days, but naturally Jamie Hayes sits top with Roger Hurst 2nd and Gary Waghorn in 3rd.


Great night of scoring ! – Lobbers with a 278, then Alan Keddie going 279 in game 3 – but that still wasn’t good enough for the pot win. As the big lump Ki swooped in and stole our money with a 300 ! – Well done Ki. High Series – 7 of the 11 bowlers shooting over 870. Lobbers with a 903, Ki with a 938 but high series pot went to Alan Keddie with a 983 series.


It’s the big 3 at the top – Lobbers, Keddie and Matt Trotter – but it will be interesting if Lee Miller and Ki manage to get their 6 weeks in this season. Be tight up at the top

On behalf of me and everyone in the league I want to wish Paul Loberman the bestest of luck as heads to Columbia to bowl for England in the senior World Championships.

We’ve all seen how much Paul has trained for this event practicing every Monday before league with Andy.

Clips of the week….

I don’t even know whats happening in this clip – Roger doing an emergency stop and almost stacking it and Nash leaving the 8 pin when that looked like the pin that was most likely to fall over

The lump nailing a 300 !!–Z3cirtb8-2AMxna

New season – we go again !!!


Jamie Hayes relegated back to the championship put in the sort of performance he should’ve been putting in when he was in the prem. Jamie shot a 854 series to win the high series pot. The high game pot could have gone to Roger Hurst with his 238 – and he needed the money after spending to £82 on a harry potter baseball cap, two mugs and a canvas bag ! – he also racked up quite a bill at the bar after down several pints of butterbeer ! BUT instead, the high game pot went to Joe Chan who opened up his set with a 245.

There were some great performances in the championship – Joe Chan with a PB 805 series. Special call out to Maurice Lipyart who shot games 183, 172, 232,202 for a 789 series. Rob Yandell hitting some form before the tenpin tour masters with a 789 series.


New champion Paul Loberman won the high series pot with a 915, with Alan Keddie getting close with a 905. High game… Alan Keddie shot a 257, Lobber’s went one better with a 258, and Basher needing a strike with his final ball, sunk it to the apricots and was refused by a stubborn 7 pin for a 258 for a tied high game pot with Lobbers.

Story Time…

Roger told us that he was having trouble with his car as his sat nav wasn’t working, and he couldn’t connect his car with the phone via Bluetooth – then he realised he was in the wrong car, and he didn’t own a phone ! – ok for legal reasons the story didn’t quite go like that… what actually happened was there a bit of “cardboard” stopping it from working… but my version is much funnier, especially in my own head.

Oh and Alan Keddie tried to watch a harry potter film but after 20 minutes stopped because he thought harry was a “total knob” ! – the magic of the wizarding world is kinda lost on him.. Though to be fair I kinda agree with him.. After book 3 Harry does become a whiny little prick… “oh my and dad were killed, blah blah blah” BORE OFF… I bet they weren’t even dead, I reckon they were just too embarrassed to admit being responsible for the birth of the specky little git. The whole thing is so unbelievable … put all the magic nonsense aside, I mean when I went to school there was no way a ginger kid would have as many as 2 friends !

Clips of the week !!