Season 10 – Daniel Bonfield’s Dunstable Divisional Drop in Singles

Week 10 of Season 10 – the final week ! lots to play for.


Some good scores – James Stone 829, Gary Waghorn 829 – but it was Lee Bradley winning the high series pot with a 835, helped by a 254 in game 3 which also gave him the high game pot. Lee finishing the season with a 208 average which means he’s promoted to the Prem for season 11


The two bowlers battling it out at the top were Peter Fyles and James Stone. But Peter had a bad week only scoring 21pts and James wrapped up the league title and promotion to the Prem scoring 45pts and finishing the season on 269pts to Pete’s 256pts. In third was Jo Green.


Alan Keddie has the title wrapped up and is all ready spending his winnings on a grand tour of ITALY, so didn’t even bother playing the final week. The battle really was for 2nd between Matt Trotter and Paul Loberman. Lobbers scoring 46pts and Trotter 42pts meant that Paul clinched 2nd place from Trotter by 7pts.

As for the pots – Darren fox strung a load together but missed out on a 300… having a 289 game to take the high game pot. Darren finished off with 952 set. But it was Big Mac Macpherson who threw his best 4 game block with games of 246,278,207,267 for a 998 set and the high series pot.

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So that’s a wrap for season 10 – next week we go straight into season 11. If you’re reading this and thinking I might bowl in this league – then do so. There is no commitment to bowl every week. It’s league bowling on your terms. If you get home from work and fancy a bowl then can join in at any point in our season. If for whatever reason you don’t fancy bowling one week.. again no problem, you don’t have to.. you don’t have to re-arrange your match. Zero Hassle !

It’s the most competitive league there is ! – you don’t bowl against 1 bowler, you bowl against every bowler ! and you can get promoted between the divisions – like a football league. Oh and you can also get relegated

Here’s more about how the league works

Dunstable Divisional Drop in Singles…
4 games – cost £20 / Week or £17.50 / week – depending on what division you’re in.
This is going to be a brand new way of looking at league bowling.. and I will explain it best I can.. .
So there are two divisions – a Premiership for the 185+ bowlers and a Championship <184 bowlers.

Leagues are 10 weeks long – BUT you don’t have to bowl 10 weeks. You can if you want, but your best 6 weeks will count to your final league position. The plan is to have promotions and relegations based on your average at the end of each league cycle.

And you have to bowl a minimum of 6 weeks to be eligible to win an end of season cash prize. But don’t worry there are weekly pots to win so you can drop in every now and then and play for the weekly pots.
Another unique aspect to this league is you don’t play an opponent… how can you if people are dropping in and dropping out. Instead you will get points on your individual games scores…
So here is an example of how it works:

Game 1
Highest game Score – 15pts
2nd highest game – 13pts
3rd highest game – 12pts
4th highest game – 11pts
5th highest game – 10pts
6th highest game – 9pts
and so on till ya get to zero points.
Tied games will get the same points.
There will be weekly individual high game and high series pots.
And a prize fund for the end of season payout based on league position.
But a bowler must have completed at least 6 out of the 10 weeks.
You will be allocated a lane when you pay… and championship and premiership bowlers will be put together on the same lanes.
This is a new idea.. and I’m feeling my way as I go along. But hopefully it will grow and evolve and will have a third division and more challenging patterns for the higher divisions.
Breakdown of costs:
They are different based on which division you’re in
Premiership 185+ average = £20
Championship 184- average = £17.50

Having your 6 best out of 10 means bowlers don’t have to bowl every week, and having weekly pots means bowlers can drop in every now and then and still win something. There’s something for everyone, you can bowl as often or as little as you like and still get something out of this league. If you get home from work and fancy a bowl, which sometimes happens… then you can drop in and have a chuck.

The Football league system of promotions and relegations is something we are all familiar with, especially for me as I support Watford. It’s something I really like from bowling in the midland scratch league. It makes you strive to be better in the hope of getting to the top division, and keeps the season alive as you try and avoid relegation if you happen to be down the bottom.

So we got two divisions and they will all share the lanes, so you have bowlers of all abilities on the lanes together. Because I want bowlers in the lower division to see how the higher average bowlers play and how they play the lanes. Perhaps it will break down the opinion that it can sometime be elitist and that the better average players aren’t approachable, and you can ask them about your own bowling and pick up some tips. Just don’t approach me, especially if I have just had an open !

I’ve also reduced the cost for the lower division, because I think these bowlers are perhaps a more social bowler and perhaps prize fund and winning money isn’t such a priority for these guys.

Long term it would be great to have 3 average weighted divisions, where the bottom leagues plays on recreational patterns, then you step up through the divisions who play on challenger patterns and then the top divisions play on true sports patterns. Also, a league where you can play brackets and win some extra cash.

This league if every Monday at Dunstable – we bowl at 8.00, but I need bowlers to be there from 7.30 for registration

Week 9 – and we had two birthdays ! Martin Stackpoole hits half a century and I certainly saw more grey in his beard then usual… and it was also Gary Waghorn’s birthday. Both bought cakes – we may have to change to the name of this league to the type 2 diabetes league !


Another big field in the championship ensuring that bowlers really had to earn their points. High game went to Peter Fyles with a 221 and it was the birthday boy Gary Waghorn who won the high series pot with a 780  – we were going to give him the bumps, but he disappeared sharpish


Next week is the final week of season 10 – The battle for the top is between James stone on 262 pts and Pete Fyles on 256pts. Then there is a separate battle for 3rd with 3 bowlers all within 3 points each other. On 223pts is  Roger Hurst with Laura Fawskin in 4th on 222 and Jo Green is in 5th on 220pts. The final week will be interesting !


You know something is wrong in the bowling universe when even Matt Trotter pulls out a PURPLE HAMMER ! I think it’s the modern purple hammer and not one from the 1980’s – but you can’t be sure with Matt. I mean what is Matt Trotter doing with a PURPLE HAMMER ! He’s dragged his arsenal into the new millennium

The main league leaders all struggling it was a chance for the others to win some pot money and some league points. Spencer Edwards shot a 268 to win the high game pot, and winning his first ever pot was Jack Stone who stot a 910 set.


Alan Keddie has it wrapped up and is top on 311pts with Matt Trotter 2nd on 278, 33pts behind Alan. Paul Loberman is 3rd on 276 and has a lower dropper then Matt so has a good chance of moving up to 2nd.

The next king of the hill is July 2nd – we have 5 spaces left. If you want to enter click here

Week 8 in the drop in singles – which means it was funky pattern week, with the pattern chosen by resident pro Andy Penny. We went with Gateway Arch, which by chance is the same pattern they are laying at the BTBA Nationals that start this week. We were all treated to some sugary treats to celebrate the birth anniversary of Big Mac Pherson… I went with the shortbread caramel chocolate thing… which in hindsight wasn’t a good choice. The shortbread absorbed all the moisture in by body… i was chewing it for that long I could probably blow a bubble with it.


She’s been struggling a bit lately, and it’s nice to see someone start to come through a rough patch and post a good score. Sexy Jackie opened up with a 223 which took the high game pot and that set her up for a 780 set. This gave sexy J a clean sweep of both pots !


James Stone has now gone above Peter Fyles at the top of the table and looks on course for promotion to the prem. Pete moves down to 2nd with Roger Hurst in 3rd one point ahead of Laura in 4th


Another top week for Alan Keddie winning the high series pot with a 888. And it was birthday boy Big Mac who won the high game pot with a 257.


Keddie is miles ahead of the pack now. He’s 33pts ahead of Matt Trotter in 2nd, with Paul Loberman in 3rd – there’s just two points that sperate 2nd and 3rd and that’s where the battle will lie in the final two weeks of the league. Keddie is now averaging 225 for his 32 games in the league – that’s some going.

Clip from last nights action – Sexy J working through the yips


Week 7 of the Monday night drop in league – first let us address the elephant in the room… WHIPPY GATE ! Lanes 9 through to 14 were oblivious to commotion, but down the other end someone was creating a stink, literally !

A strong odour was wafting up people’s nose’s, people blamed the usual suspects – BASHER, Stackpoole… but no ! it transpired someone had tried fell ill and tried to get to the bog, but fell short and laid a cable outside the toilets, then to compound it further someone then trod in it.

So suspicions shifted away from Basher and Martin and towards LAURA ! and with good reason… she has previous for “soiling” herself. And the fact a butt plug was found in the faecal matter and it was one of them that lights up – apparently she won it at the fair !

So with all that going on it’s no wonder all the high scores come from the none poohie end.


We got to mention Laura again… after she changed her nappy the girl bowled amazingly. She hit her first 600 over 3 games and finished the night with a 820. Usually a winning score in the championship, but lee Bradley had other ideas ! and completely pee’d all over Laura’s chips. Lee shot a high game of 257 and an amazing 903 set – that’s premiership standard Lee ! – so both pots went to Bradders and that’s 28quid in his back burner.


Peter Fyles had a week off, but still is the league leader with James Stone in 2nd – both averaging over the 185 threshold and both looking to be promoted to the prem. These two are a long way in front of the chasing pack which is being led by Laura Fawcett who is averaging 183, and if she’s not careful she could also get promoted !


A great night for Mr Alan Keddie – games of 257,246,278,256 for a 1037 ! only person who got even close was Matt Trotter who shot a 957 – both bowlers a long way from the WHIPPY GATE incident !

So Keddie won both pots and secured 57pts.


Ked’s way out in front this season on 302pts with Trotter in 2nd 24pts back – I don’t think anyone is catching Alan now. Paul Loberman is currently in 3rd on 264pts.

Next week is funky pattern week ! – it would be a really tough pattern but it different from the house. It will be from the landmark series in preparation for the next King of the Hill in July.


Another blooming bank holiday… it grinds my gears, I mean I love a bank holiday, but can’t we space them out a bit ? – having 3 in a month is taking the proverbial if you know what I mean

Anyway – the old Sceptic Tanks across the pond also had a bank holiday, which meant those that usually bowl on the American Air base at Alconbury dropped in for a bowl.. so we welcomed Tony Imren, Louise Gray and Senior Team England Manager Mike Bergquist


Some good scoring going on… 4 bowlers shooting over 800. James Stone 818, Lee Bradley 825, Jamie Hayes 834 but winning with high series pot was Hayden Hewitt with a 840. High game pot went to James Stone with a 257


We’re in week 6 now so after this week people can start dropping their lowest scoring week, and others start catching up from their missing weeks. Top at the moment is Peter Fyles on 251pts, in 2nd is James Stone on 244pts and in third is Rob Yandell on 196pts.


After a few lean weeks Matt Trotter came flying back to form with a 952 set to take the high series pot. Jack Stone also shooting a 900+ with a 928 and Big Mac Macpherson also breaking 900 with a 904 with the help of a 278 last game which won him a pot.


Alan Keddie still in control despite not having a great night on the lanes by his standards but still notching up 43tpts. So Keddie is top on 285pts with a 220 average. Trotter moves up into 2nd on 252pts and in 3rd is Paul Loberman on 233 – but Lobbers has a week to catch up on the top two.

Week 5 of season 10 – What a weekend it was for our league bowlers, Sukky, Lobbers, and Alan all winning medals for the countries in the Triple Crown. Massive congratulations to Rob Yandell for winning the tenpin tour event at Cliftonville, and finally to Alfie Humphrey who bowled in a junior team tournament and came 2nd

I’m going to say it shows that the competitive nature of this league, and perhaps the week before we played on a really tough pattern is making us sharper when it comes to competitions – well that’s my theory !

It was nice to be back on the house pattern and the scoring went through the roof, especially in the premiership.


Yandell playing with confidence shot a 232, but was beaten to the high game pot by James Stone who shot a 233…. Yandell weren’t happy, questioned my integrity and demanded to see the score sheet at the end. But all was legit James did actually shoot a 233… I don’t know, he wins 1 tournament and starts going all prima donna. James completed the clean sweep by also winning the high series pot with a 818. Other worthy mentions – Jo Green put together a nice set with 763 and Laura Fawcett despite suffering from a knicker elastic disaster shot a 745 set.


League really beginning to take shape. Peter Fyles is top on 217pts with James Stone on 207 and then a gap to Rob Yandell down in 3rd on 176pts.


A league average of 213 across all the bowlers… and that’s even with a Ben who suffered with no “strap on” – he need’s his strap on…

We need to applaud Darren fox – not only opening up with a 279 game by owning a polo shirt from 1996 from the YAC Masters, and that Polo Shirt still fitting. Lee Miller shot a 278 in game 1.  Then game 3 Big Mac Macpherson shot a 278, but Keddie went and shot a 279 to share the high game pot with Darren. High series was won by Lee Miller with a 943 series… just easing himself back in.


5 bowlers shot over 900 last night. Big Mac’s 923 only getting joint 5th on the night. Keddie stays top of the league, but Lobbers closed the gap, which is now down to 9 points. Then like the championship there’s a big gap to 3rd, which is taken by Matt Trotter on 202 points.

It was good to see Mark Richardson back this week… even though I had a lot of messages saying that the live stream kept lagging and buffering.. I had to explain that was just Mark in real time and it that makes it appear that way.

Some clips on the great action from last night.


Week 4 of the drop in singles league – and it was funky pattern week. On the 4th week and 8th week of the league we lay a harder pattern. We need to keep it real… bowling on “house” every week gets a bit boring, and funky pattern week drags the averages down keeping everyone in their right division, and it gives the premiership players a bit more a challenge.

The Pattern for this week was from the Kegel Landmark Series – Chichen Itza. What the hell is Chichen Itza… Its like a pyramid in Mexico, built over 1000 years when Gerry Wrathall was just a young man in his early 80s. Chichen means Mouth of the well… and Itza is the name of the place. If I’m honest it’s not a place I’m going to put on my bucket list of places to visit before I die… for a bit context though… Sticky Vicky’s in Benidorm is on the bucket list…


This pattern was tough right ? – Only 2 bowlers shot over a 700 – Laura Fawcett shot a 704 and had the high game in the division with a 215 winning a £16 pot, which her old man said he would double ! High series went to James Stone with a 708 series – just look at how unhappy he was though ! – arm in the air, expletives uttered… and for good measure came back and punched a chair !


League is taking shape now. Peter Fyles is top on 179pts with a 188 average. In 2nd is James Stone and in 3rd Roger Hurst


A tougher pattern and the averages came tumbling down… except for mine ! where my average actually went up ! Only one bowler to break 800… and that was Alan Keddie who shot an 808 set to take the high series pot. High game pot went to Darren Fox with a 236. This is what a tougher pattern does it mixes it up and different people win the pots … when I say different… I just mean not Lobbers ! – which is a good thing right ?

I’m still unhappy about leaving a 9 pin then the next shot leaving a 8 pin… I mean what am I suppose to do with that carry.


Keddie cementing his lead at the top of the table now on 202pts with Lobbers in 2nd on 188 and Trotter in 176… the big 3 we shall call them from now on..

Don’t forget the June king of the hill tournament on June 11th… entry form is here

Now the tournament is full… and I’m compiling a “waiting list” if I get 10 names on that list (which I think I will) then I’ll change the format so everyone on the waiting list will bowl.

Week 3 of season 10 – and another bank holiday !


A totally dominant performance from Rob Yandell,,, he’s does have good weeks occasionally – haha. A high game of 225 and 796 set to take both pots ! Ps Rob I gave you £2 too much ! – due to admin error on Paul Lobermans part !


Peter Fyles sits comfortably top of the league 24 pts ahead of Anna Yang in 2nd – that’s a big lead, even this early in the season.


The night belonged to Paul Loberman, but we were all nearly saved a Lobber’s clean sweep by Mark Richardson. Lobbers opened up with a 278 first game, and in Game 3 Mark could have stolen the high game pot off him with a 279. But Mark rushed his last shot.. he only took 7 minutes to throw the ball as opposed to the 15 it usually takes and he got a disappointing 8 count for a 277. Lobber’s banged in a 960 set completing the Pot clean sweep.


Alan Keddie leads the league on 156pts, but Lobbers is reeling him in and is only 6pts behind… both bowlers averaging over 220. In third is Matt Trotter whose yet to really get going this season.

Next week is Pro’s Choice – Funky Pattern week… I love funky pattern week !

He’s a good clip from the stream last night… it sums up this league perfectly… Rob Yandell looking dazed and confused after throwing a nice shot.. and then Kane with a great spare

Week 2 of season 10 – and we welcomed back Rob Durrant – who’s been out with a injury to the old cilla black – he should go and see a sports massage type of guy.


Firstly I need highlight Jamie Hayes’s amazing ability to turn a potential 300 into scraping a 200… 6 in a row, then 4 opens ! – It’s all or nothing, big Jamie don’t do no spares ! Secondly – the night belonged to Peter Fyles despite him claiming to be on the last step of the stairway to heaven and moaning that he can feel the grim reapers icey grip on his shoulder. Peter shot a 862 with a 243 last game to clean sweep both pots.


Early stages of the league and there are lot of bowlers averaging over 185. Current league leader is Peter, with Jo Green in 2nd and Anna Yang in 3rd.


Basher suffering from repetitive stress injury in his wrist started off slowly … very slowly with a 149 first game, and he had produce a 10th frame trick shots just to hit that. But the ropey tendons finally stretched themselves out by the 3rd game for a 257 to take the high game pot.  High series pot was won this week by Paul Loberman with a 883

Handing pot money over to Lobbers is always a painful experience but especially after he had just won Andy Penny’s mystery number bowling ball competition ! oh the pain…

We still have 4 spots for this weekends (7th May) KOTH event at Dunstable you can enter here –

And I want to share this clip of a bit of spare shooting showboating by Jamie


Week 1 of a new season – season 10. No Newbies this week, but we had a returner Sal Spence who’s getting ready for a tournament at the weekend.


James Stone was “back” after suffering a nasty bulge and he shot the high game, a 214 in game 2 to win himself £14. The high series pot went to Jo Green who put together a solid block for a score of 769 and she also takes an early lead in the league.


Alan Keddie made sure that week 1 was going to be a counter come the end of the season – a 953 from the porridge eater winning the high series pot and high game pot with a 255 and also securing the maximum 60pts ! a perfect week.

Even in week 1 the top 3 looks familiar – with Ked’s top, Lobbers 2nd and Matt Trotter 3rd.

This bit is not even for comedic affect…. It’s a true story – – Disturbing scenes in the car park last night… Now I left a good 20 minutes after Mark Richardson and Jack Stone… I walk out to my car and notice the car next me had the engine running, the windows steamed. So naturally I’m thinking couple of doggers up to no good… being a perv I had a little look through the window… get this !!! It was Mark and Jack … honestly. They were both sat there scrolling through their phones looking at pictures of FISH !

Your probably thinking I’m making it up… I’m sadly not. I think they need to attend some sort therapy group… anglers anonymous or something. Hi my names Jack and I’m a carp-aholic !

Reminder – first king of the hill is 7th May and we have changed the format slightly because its been so popular I’m changing it to 5 games of trios. Which means I still have 4 spaces left.

If you want to enter then click on this link.