We have a quick chat with Verity Crawley ahead of the new PWBA season

There are  many cool things about Verity Crawley and one of them for us is that she always stops by Talktenpin for a quick chat before the PWBA season starts. This year is no different and Verity was completing answers right up to her flight to the first tour stop.

So here we are again and almost the start of the new PWBA season, What preparations have gone into getting ready?

There has been a large mix of on lane, mental and fitness training. I would say this past year I have put a lot more focus on the mental side. It’s always been an aspect that I have worked on, but I hired a new sport psychologist have really dug deep with her.
Physically, I worked a lot on my ball roll and my trail leg. Becoming more comfortable with rolling it more. This is something I have fought for years and getting it consistent from shot to shot has been really tough for me. I found that changing the position of my trail leg has helped with it; allowing me to release the ball a pinch earlier, changing it has also put my hips in a better position.

A few seasons in and positives from each one, what are the goals this time round

The goal is to win. This is the first year that I have written winning down as a goal. I am still heavily focused on the process and I have four process goals for each event.

Looking at how far you have come until now, what would you say has changed the most in your game and how you prepare for a new season?

Compared to my first year on tour, I have a much better understanding of my equipment. I spend a lot of time in practice figuring out where the balls fit in my arsenal, what patterns they are good on etc. I really do have to thank John Janawicz for his knowledge and support on that. We bowl a lot on different patterns, discussing ball motion, drilling new balls and learning.

You have always gone into each season with a positive mindset and a gameplan. As the seasons have progressed did the game plans need to adapt?

Yes. I believe that as I learn and grow, I adapt. Experience does wonders and it’s true that knowledge is power.

Having played a lot on the PWBA, are there stops where you think, I have a good look in this centre?

We travel to quite a few different bowling centres and out of the eight bowling centres we go to this year, I haven’t bowled in four of them. So that is new and exciting!

You know we all follow your progress in the UK and we all know you very much appreciate that support. If there is one stop on the tour you would really like to win, which one is it?

Firstly, thank you all for the support. In regards to your question..all of them? This year, it’s Queens.

Finally, You know all the athletes on tour and ones coming through, which bowlers do you expect to be on form early in the season and who impresses you out on the lanes?

There is so much talent out on the women’s tour and I am excited to see some new faces. We have some bowlers from Europe coming to a few events this year and I don’t doubt they will have some success. I’m always impressed by the veterans, Kelly Kulick, Liz Johnson and Shannon O’Keefe to name a few. They continue to put themselves in the position to win. From the rookie side, I am not 100% sure who is bowling the whole tour, but I know Hope Gramly will be a name we hear a lot this year.