MUSKEGON, Mich., March 1, 2022 – Brunswick Bowling is excited to announce the release of the GS NXT, the next generation of free fall GS® Series pinsetters.

“Since the introduction of the first Game Setter (GS) machines, Brunswick pinsetters have set the standard for performance and reliability,” said Mike Resterhouse, product manager. “With every subsequent evolution of GS Series pinsetters, Brunswick has improved on the series’ proven features, and the GS NXT is no exception. Brunswick’s years of experience, advanced engineering expertise, and unique ability to integrate the latest technology have culminated in the most forward-thinking pinsetter ever designed.”

The GS NXT delivers all the advantages of GS Series pinsetters along with improvements that lower the cost of ownership, reduce labor requirements, enhance the guest experience, and grow the proprietor’s business:

  • Enhanced sound dampening reduces noise.
  • Reduced machine height (by 25%) provides increase versatility.
  • Improved access to all motors, drive train, and controller provides ease of maintenance and improved safety.
  • Industry-exclusive, state-of-the-art touchscreen controller interface provides improved error reporting, diagnostics, troubleshooting, and remote firmware installations that empower mechanic effectiveness.
  • Refined pin flow and loading process reduces cycle time and wear on pins.

The Brunswick GS NXT is the only pinsetter in the industry powered by software-driven technology that’s capable of growing with a center’s evolving business needs.

Brunswick GS Series pinsetters feature the highest frames-per-stop (FPS) rating in the industry, making them the most reliable pinsetters ever. Unlike other pinsetters that rely on cameras for scoring information (which can be unreliable depending on lighting conditions), the GS NXT ensures that bowlers’ scores are always accurate.

The GS NXT pinsetter is significantly easier and less expensive to maintain than a gear-driven machine, featuring fewer moving parts and mechanically streamlined belts and pulleys. The GS NXT runs on three-phase, commercial-grade electricity to accommodate more efficient motors, and only requires one source to power two pinsetters. This, in combination with smart technology that runs the unit only as needed, extends the life expectancy of the motors, and helps reduce power usage (and costs). In fact, centers report annual savings of 30-40% after replacing an older pinsetter with a Brunswick GS Series machine.

Thanks to the integration of Brunswick’s Sync® scoring and management system, bowlers can enjoy games and league training features that require complex pin arrangements and mechanics. League bowlers especially love the myShot spare trainer, which lets bowlers pick and repeat attempts at a favorite spare pattern.

Learn more about the GS NXT pinsetter.