DID YOU KNOW – Current Frame Scoring now available in the UK😍

Do you want to bowl with the World Bowling Scoring in your centre, leagues or tournaments?

Now you can thanks to QubicaAMF

To you proprietors – The current frame scoring is available for free with BES X and Conqueror Pro version 13.

Check it out in BESX and Conqueror Pro version 13 enabled UK centres or in your own country😀

For Proprietors, How do you get started?

Just a tick option to modify the scoring format. It will use the current Environment selected and simply change the Scoring Format.

As per the pictures Go to Set Up > Bowling Set Up > then Lane Options. Select Option set you wish to use Current Frame and tick the Current Frame Box . (This is a Global setting for whole centre)

You could do this on a lane by lane basis (By appointment) example 2 bowlers come for a practice and ask for Current Frame Scoring. Operator opens lane as usual then clicks on lane options for the lane. Then selects Current Frame and off you go.