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READ – Silk Cut Tenpin League May 1995

12th July 2018 Dom 0

We continue some old media online. Magazines, Flyers, booklets, the lot. Another one from the Silk Cut competition that ran in the 1990’s.   Simply hit the X button to enter full screen mode. Enjoy…. […]


25th Anniversary Bowling World Cup Review

9th July 2018 Dom 0

Where else could the Silver Anniversary edition of the AMF Bowling World Cup be held but at its birthplace? Stillorgan Bowl was much bigger now, thanks to the addition of more lanes and a big […]


READ – The Guide to Tenpin Bowling

2nd July 2018 Dom 0

How did people learn to bowl in the 1960’s?   Thanks to the USA, there were multiple booklets frim the ABC, AMF, Brunswick and more.   Did anyone have this one?  

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