Go Bowling, Shipley

Last night Go Bowling hosted the prize presentation of this seasons Power Play H’cap Fours league. This league is one of the best leagues within the north for a few years. This season only saw 8 teams but with an amazing lineage deal and sponsorship from S.T.B.L, we generated £12,000 in prize fund.

The reformation meeting for next season is going to be held from 7:30 on the 29th August 2018 where we will sort out team out, rules, patterns, prize funds, election of officers and all other business to do with the league. We are now looking out for 3 more teams or individual players to make teams up ready for next season. If we can get up to 12 teams we will be looking easily at generating up to £15,500+ in prize money.

Go Bowling prides itself as a LEAGUE & TOURNAMENT centre and takes the sport of tenpin bowling seriously. Our pin spotters have minimal breakdowns, we condition our lanes with our Kegel Flex lane machine and have really well looked after approaches where you can get a good slide and EVERYONE uses bowling shoes.

I want to thank all the bowlers who bowled this year over the 40 week season and on 4 different lane patterns, they all have different averages and abilities and has become a great #bowlingfamily. I also would like to give a big shout out to TEAM RESDEV who won this season.

If you would like to know anything about the league programme down at go bowling then please don’t hesitate in dropping us a message. When you join a league you become a member of the Shipley Bowlers Club where you will receive cheap bowling rates and discounts at the Lanes Bar & Diner.

Congratulations again TEAM RESDEV:- Nick Wright, Jack Smith, Mark Smith, Frank Lindsay, Mike Halliwell and Andy Clough.

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Yours in Bowling

Lee Metcalfe
SBC Secretary